Discussion: Glacius changes thread

Hello fellas!!
I’m starting this thread to discuss possible changes in our favorite alien.

In my opinion Glacius it’s a great fighter, he has very strong points(Damage, zoning, set-up capability…) and some flaws(poor mobility, no backdash, weird instinct…). Without making him overpowered, I would like to know what changes do you think he needs, or if he doesn’t need any changes in your opinion.

It has been mentioned before that Glacius Instinct seems outdated. I agree with this, and certainly his instinct may be revisited, but I’m doubtful about what changes does he need.

Time ago, I also thought about making liquidize an airborne move, giving Glacius some way of altering his jump. Character with floaty jumps sometimes have tools for doing this, like Dhalsim’s yoga spear/teleport, or even Omen dashes. I’m unsure about this right now

What are the changes that Glacius needs in your opinion? I will update this post with the most requested suggestions. For now, I will not put mine until somebody agrees/disagrees.

Instinct: Most of us agree that Glacius Instinct seems outdated(still reflects the armor left, while he can’t earn more for time limitation) and needs some short of revision. More armor, faster movement… There’s not a general consensus in the change in particular, still looking at it.

Ranged attacks priority: Glacius ranged normal hurtbox it’s so big that this attacks always gets beaten by everything else. Also, they doesn’t destroy Kan-Ra’s swarms, giving a hard time against the mummy

Dash: some people demands a dash, which situationaly can help Glacius to escape pressure. In my opinion, maybe some short of revision to liquidize would be enough

Glacius’s instinct is a very good tool against certain characters, but does essentially nothing against others. Probably it could be changed to make him a bit stronger. I’m not sure what to recommend they do to it though…

I’m a bit torn because I don’t like messing around with characters unless you absolutely have to. It seems like Glacius could use some help, but at the same time I haven’t been able to really get the hang of his puddle and I know there are skilled players who are a lot better at his setups than me.

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I agree. If you touch something, you do it because you want a particular effect on that. Glacius instinct seems odd and probably needs something, the problem is… what?

IMO, Instinct should help the character in perform a comeback, taking the lead of the fight. Instinct should give new assets to his user, reinforcing the strong points of the character or denying the weak spots, and creating new tools during its duration.

Spinal is weak without skulls, his instinct grants him skull regeneration. Fulgore is weaker without pips, his instinct grants him pip regeneration. Orchid has unsafe moves, his instinct allow her to make them safe…

Glacius gains 1 point of armor, wich allows to absorb one hit each 3 secs. Thats cool(ha!), but since season 2, a lot of characters now have multi hitting moves(Riptor’s fire attacks, Kan-Ra M punches, Maya daggers, ARIA projectile…). His instinct it’s surely useful in some match ups, but useless in others, usually his worst. Maybe something more universal would suit him better.

I agree that glacius may need an instinct update but I think in general his tools are strong. Coming from a wulf player I find it probably the hardest matchup to get in. And once you get in, his close range attacks and throw range are near impossible yto deal with. There is no forgiveness with glacius vs wulf.

If anything I’m not happy with the hail bounce. I find it gives glacius players the extra advantage over wulf that he doesn’t need.

Obviously I’m biased, because I’m a Glacius player, but I think Sabrewulf and Cinder are the only two characters where Glacius is clearly at a big advantage. I love it when I see my opponent is playing Sabrewulf - there is literally no other character that I feel that way about.

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I definitely think Glacius’ instinct needs more uses. Maybe he could use up one of his armor shells as another tool, like a barrier or a trap. I don’t know.

To be honest, Glacius is sort of in Thunder’s position where he’s solid as is but something feels missing, but the smallest change could make them top tier. I think the devs are definitely looking at all the characters again for S3, so we’ll see what happens.

You know what I really want changed? The freeze that happens when his armor breaks. I’m sorry, but if you expect me to punish fireballs with long ranged combos or a shoulder, you’re making it almost impossible when the fireball could still interrupt my combo or generally stop me from getting my punish.


One of the things that happens to me frequently is that as soon as I pop instinct, the other character just runs away and waits it out. It hurts their ability to get in and unless they are way behind with time running out, Glacius can’t actually reach you on the far side of the screen so they just jump away.

What if he gained his armor pips over time - so he starts with one, gets a second etc. and they stacked up like Aganos’s chunks? An alternative would be that he doesn’t lose the armor when his instinct ends until it gets knocked off of him.

I like the armor stacking idea, but that still doesn’t help him with people who run away.

I just thought of Glacius with Aganos’ wall mechanic. Even to me, that’s a nightmare.

Glacius is fine as is but if they feel his instinct is weaker when compared to others and upcoming characters, what they can do is extend his ice armor to 6 or 7 instead of the current 5 hits of protection

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That’s pointless. Here’s some math to explain why:

Every character’s instinct lasts about 15 seconds.

Every three seconds, Glacius gets a new armor if the last one is destroyed.

Glacius has a 5 armor limit.

5 armors X 3 seconds = 15 seconds.

So even if you hit Glacius the moment he gets his armor each time it spawns, instinct will run out before his reserves do.

You have give me an idea.

What about giving Glacius something that allows him to chase enemies swiftly?

Malleable suit:
During Instinct, Glacius’ suit changes giving him adaptation to all environments. He gains armor the same way it is, but also his walk speed is increased a bit, and liquidize gets improved. If you hold liquidize, you can stay more time in this state, and also move very fast(think in KI 1 & 2 puddle punch). This allows Glacius to put himself whereas he wants in the stage, and his enemies can’t run away so easily

Giving a slow character a mobility buff is kind of out of place, isn’t it? The instinct should be based around improving what he does best, rushdown isn’t that.

If they really wanted to keep people from running, they would make his shatter recapture and track the opponent, but that’s ridiculous.

One thing all of us need to keep in mind is liquidize is WAY underused. It can be used to dodge and counter reversal that opponents were hoping to shadow cancel, or for puddle punch fake outs in setups.

Slightly off topic, but I rarely use liquidize - I’m basically a S1 Glacuis. I have to figure this out. Any good videos or guides for using this?

I’m just throwing an idea, I didn’t mean that it is the best solution. I do think his armor is slow to regain once a hit or all hits are broken through so it can be that he replenishes his armor much quicker and have extra armor hits. I don’t think giving him an overhaul for instinct is the solution.

That kind of thing can’t really be shown in videos. Here’s my uses:

A) Baiting a reversal for a full punish.

B) Avoiding projectiles.

C) Bluffing a puddle punch (using on wakeup to throw defensive players off).

D) A hail setup where you end a combo with the hail ender, spawn a light hail, then liquidize underneath while releasing the hail. The hail will keep people from punishing you on the way up, and it’s up to you to decide which side of your opponent you want to come up. It’s a mixup.

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I’m always happy to see people trying to think up ways to help Glacius out. He definitely feels like he needs a little something at this point; he has a lot of strong points but a lot of weak ones as well, to the point where a lot of high-level players have basically straight up said that there’s no incentive to pick the icy alien over other characters that excel at what he’s supposed to be good at (Fulgore and Kan-Ra come to mind).

I think altering his Instinct is definitely a viable option; it’s always been sort of weak but like people have said, with all of the multi-hitting moves that happen nowadays it feels pretty obsolete. The stackable armor is a new idea and one that holds some promise, though like @SonicDolphin117 said the hitstun on break would still be a problem. There were a ton of ideas in a thread back on the old forums, too; if we ever get it back in read-only like was suggested, it would be worthwhile to comb through that and see if any of said ideas hold up. I remember some that were good but I can’t for the life of me recall what they were exactly at the moment. >_<

Another thing that bothers me it’s the ice lance’s hurtbox. I would love to use it to destroy Kan-Ra’s swarms, but for some reason it doesn’t work as other normals in that way, it always hits Glacius

I got it !!, how about if Glacius keeps the 5 hit armor, but recovers it a touch faster and gains speed so that if someone is playing keep-away while you activate Instinct you can get close fast and put pressure at the same time as having the protection? That would solve the problem mentioned earlier that his armor isn’t as effective in the case of an opponent simply getting away from you.

I’ve edited my first post to reflect our concerns about instinct.

I mentioned the upgrade to his walk speed in one of my posts, also adding some extra mobility to liquidize, using it for faster hails setups, or chasing enemies.