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Read the full results and watch the recap of Top 8 here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/killer-instinct-world-cup-2016-results/

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Props to rico!

Best player ever!

Shago fits Rico’s tournament presence: now you see him, now you don’t.

He is Boss.


I for one was really impressed with Rebelo…the dude is just insane with TJ! I was really hoping he would take it all! He came damn close…he had Rico almost beat!

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Felt bad for Rebelo, that Omen string that Rico kept doing was shadow counterable as balls but he just never caught on to it. Would have preferred him in grand finals.


Having a good coach or advice between rounds is very valuable.

Rebelo gained my respect even more.

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It is, I got knocked out of a tournament for not realizing I could use my projectile invincible shadow move to go through glacius’ shoulder to shadow hail. First thing my friends told me when I got off stage: “Why didn’t you go through the shadow hail!?!?”

I can’t find videos/replays of the Qualifiers; are they anywhere?

Maximillian’s Twitch archive is the only place you can find it right now.

The Freshmaker strikes again, RICO is the GOAT lol


I dont see qualifiers at Max’s :frowning:

i see his day 1 and day 2…

Yes, the qualifiers are in the Day 1 video, right after the end of the Kim Wu reveal.

It’s all coming together now.
Shadow Jago is the boss of KI.
The reason Rico Suave plays Shago is…
Rico is the boss of the tournament scene.

And don’t forget that he plays like he is possessed… …oh wait

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Ok thanks. i found these:

Looks like a file or part of a file is missing. One of them is only like 7 minutes long; the Pink Diamond vs Guttermagic fight…it’s missing her 2 wins and then the next video continues with series tied 2-2.


The greatest disappointment was Bass. I was pulling so hard for him. He’s the nicest dude, and deserved a top 3 placing.

Also, the people’s hero Zergkiller… I love that he’s stuck it out with Aganos.

One day, I hope Hisako wins a major. Baesako all the way!


The one thing that will always stick with me is that I have finally been able to put a face to a nickname or gamertag . Hearing people discuss certain players or seeing just their characters on youtube created a certain distance. This wall was totally broken down by seeing the actual people behind the gamertags.


But he didnt stick it out with Aganos…he switched to Spinal his final 2 matches. I too was pulling for him though. Dude is really good with both characters

Yeah, but he got there with Aganos.

Well yeah he did, just saying he didnt stick it out though. Maybe with Aganos’s new changes he will be more balanced with the rest of the cast.