Disable Combo-Assist?

Where is the option to disable combo assist? Btw i don’t like that it’s on by default and even the tutorial is set up around it.


Yeah its annoying, I had to go into a VS AI game in single player and turn it off.

Yeah but it’s off for me when i play ranked which is weird.

Weird, hopefully they can add an in-game toggle for Shadow Lords.

There is. It’s on the character select screen lol


You can’t access the character select menu on your first playthrough in Shadow Lords. :confused:

Then go back and pick the team you really want. That’s what I did. I never finished that first game with the preset Jago/Kim Wu team.

Well we’re not talking about starting a new playthrough, we’re talking about the initial run where you’re forced to use Kim & Jago to see the story. This forum is for improving the mode through feedback, so we’re suggesting they add a toggle for first time players in Shadow Lords. Telling folks to back out of the mode and skip the intro isn’t really going to improve the game.

Think of it like playing a first person shooter and the tutorial asks you if you want to invert the camera before you start.


It was off putting at first but after you complete the tutorial, I went into controller configurations and was able to turn it off then. That’s when I tried to do it, at least.

I didn’t see that option on controller config. Regardless, it shouldn’t be on by default. It should at least ask you hey do you want this on or off in the begining. Especially if you pick anything above normal difficulty, it should just assume you’ve shrugged off the training wheels by then.


Well, a toggle should be there, but they should really have SL defer to the way you have your settings in other modes.


Once you get to day 3 on the first run (after the message that you’re now on your own) enter a mission and you can find the option to disable it on the controller pause menu like you can enable or disable it on any other game mode without having to exit Shadow Lords after the tutorial (of course is pointless if you want to chose your own team after the tutorial).

Ok, just doing my first run and I want to break my controller out of frustration. PLEASE ASK IF WE WANT COMBO ASSIST ON OR OFF.

Ok cool. Ill do this. I just dislike CA as it makes me play all sorts of wrong hehe. Jagos ultra should never be just forward and three punches.

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The toggle option in the controller settings is flat out removed during the tutorial. After you’re left “on your own” you can finally disable it.


How is combo assist causing you problems? You shouldn’t even notice that it’s on. It shouldn’t interfere with your combos, resets, manuals. Anything you want to do you should still be able to do.

Because it does? Sometimes itll do a linker when I dont want it to because im holding a direction after doing a poke that I didnt intend to go into a combo. Besides it just feels a little dumbed down when I use it. If youre jago your ultra should he fdf 3 punches not forward 3 punches thats just too simple and I know you wont agree with me but i like my fighting games a certain way and this feels too autopilotish for my tastes so the option needs to be there.

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Well, combo assist generally messes up my ability to do resets, and also changes how you do your combo trait, which can be a problem depending on your character.

Not 100% why it interferes with resets (as the combo should be dropped at that point I’d think), but it definitely does. The timing to do a command grab or jumpout reset is quite a bit delayed with CAM active, so I’m a demonstrably worse player if it’s on :-p

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If that’s the case it’s not because if CAM, it’s because you’re not being precise enough with your controls. You would run into the same issue if you were spamming tripleax with Thunder with worse results (unintentional Sammamish).
Besides, the CAM is only required for the first couple of days of SL…after that you never have to touch it again, so I don’t see how it’s a real concern.

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Openers come out of nowhere. Was trying to do Jago’s around the world but got linkers instead.

Of course you notice it. It messes you up.