Disable Combo-Assist?

See it’s not that i’m not being precise i’m holding down and back for example while poking, if you’re low on life i don’t want to risk a combo when i could probably finish off your hp bar with a few good pokes, but if i let go of that back to say back dash then do a move or a long sweep it’ll just do a linker. Also, and this is personal but i feel it makes me a worse player because i no longer drop combos. We’re not all perfect machines and i’ve beaten people with those little top 32 stars that have indeed dropped a combo due to pressure or general mind games. I need to be able to mess up and be punished for it, it’s the only way i’ll learn what to do in case of a dropped combo and also so i can whip my self with the beating stick for failing. But i digress this is all stuff i complained about in the past when combo assist first showed it’s silly face and quite frankly i just don’t care to argue anymore about if it does or doesn’t affect game play because for me it does. All i want is for it to not be on by default in the new seasons main story mode! It’s almost as if the game was meant to be played with CA on because they are literally telling you to push forward + 3 punches to do jagos ultra and i’m sorry but i feel it’s the wrong way for people to learn the game.

Gotta agree this is annoying. Auto-set to on. You gotta exit completely out of Shadow Lords and go to the options to disable it.

That’s interesting. I wonder if it’s because CAM extends the window for the input or because without it you can buffer the non combo command grab.

As for the rest of you, no one is suggesting you play long term with CAM. I just question how much of an issue this is for the first play through of SL.

I just feel CAM shouldn’t be the first representation of how the game is played. It pretty much does most of the work for you that a tutorial fight on how to use CAM feels a bit redundant. Now i would understand the tutorial fights if they were for the normal combo system but why bother even doing that if all you’re going to show me how to do is press punch then forward punch then punch then forward punch hehe. The main point of this topic is that the option needs to be there from the get go not after however many days or by exiting out of the game. Basically it should be like the audio settings, if i go into options and turn off the music it should be gone when i go into shadow lords, not after playing shadow lords for 3 days then getting the option to turn off the music.

Sorry, I didn’t understand that the tutorial actually instructs you on using CAM. I can see why that would be annoying.

I know this post is old, but I just found out combo assist being ON. I assumed the message in character select meant “hey press this button if you want it enabled.” So this WHOLE TIME I’ve been playing with that stupid ■■■■ on…As long as I’ve been playing, I feel like a piece of crap now. I know I shouldn’t because it shouldn’t be on by default. It has defnintely effected how I’ve been playing…There’s a lot more crap I want to say about how I hate combo assist as me and my friend assumed it was off but I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to trigger anyone, or myself further. Time to relearn the game lol.

But…that’s not how any of the menu toggles work… :confused:

What I mean is, I thought when it said “x combo assist enabled” you press X to enable it. Not it is already enabled, press X to dissable it.

But if you really never knew…does it matter? If combo assist is used in the woods and no one is there to hear it…is it still combo assist? lol