Dire update needed!

So what I have noticed is people who play with Arcade sticks VS Gamepads.


There should be a selection of…

Fightstick VS Fightstick

Control Pad Vs Control pad

Fight stick VS Control pad.

IMO I think this will weed out wether the fight stick has an advantage over the game pads.

This make sense to anyone?

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No. There are multiple problems. How does it recgonize it? Some arcade sticks use inputs as a one controller but just a dofferent layout. It is basically a One controller but a dofferent layout and stuff. It can’t tell. It also doesn’t matter. You don’t want to split the fanbase too much. The stick doesn’t have such an advantage over a pad. The inputs are easier yeah but I can do the inputs and most others as well easily on the pad.

IDK thats the dev’s team job, I am just throwing the idea out there.

uhhh… no. not understanding why this matters and how it levels the match?

because there is advantages vs fight pads and arcade sticks.

There shouldl be a system where you can play

Fight pad VS fightpad

Stick Vs Stick

Or fightpad VS stick.


THE MKX controller sucks for KI. Don’t waste ur money, buy the elite.

The fightstick doesn’t really have an advantage though. The only difference is slightly easier inputs which most of us can easily do on pad anyway.

it doesn’t have an advantage, but inputs are easier lol, kinda just contradicted your self a bit. I beg to differ though, I know there are some good pad players, but I think in the top tier killers, the majority of them use arcade sticks…but I could be wrong.

It is just a slightly easier path. At high level,the input difficulty evens out. The inputs are easier to learn on a stick but once you learn it on both,it is the same. The advantage just isn’t there.

Well let’s agree to disagree I think the players who fight with the sticks have a slight advantage it’s kind of like if you ever played Call of Duty for the Wii and use the Wii Zapper you were at a disadvantage if you were going up against people with the dual stick controller

K then. For me,I think the stick is easier to master but when you master the pad,it is equal to someone mastering a stick. I just don’t believing in sperating the community when it isn’t needed.

it really wouldn’t be dividing the community. I think there should just be an option for players to play on the same level with the same controllers. IDK how they can regulate who is using a pad vs stick, but I am just throwing it out there.

Do you think Gutter was at a disadvantage at EVO? I don’t think so. Look at Smug in SF4, where the inputs are way more strict. Maciaga, or even Sonicfox (I think). All players who use standard controllers and get fantastic results. Controller doesn’t matter. If the arcade stick had an auto combo mechanic, where you hit 1 button and get multiple inputs, then yah it would be unfair. In its current state, you cannot tell, while playing online, who is using a controller or a stick. Because you can’t tell the difference, the difference is insignificant.

IDK, I just know that when I was playing COD on the Wii, that the people using the dual stick controller were at a HUGE advantage over ppl using the wii controller or Zapper I MEAN CMON WHO PLAYS THE WORST VERSION OF COD WITH A REGULAR CONTROLLER… WHO DOES THAT!!!..I know they are completely different games, but the premise is still the same. I don’t know about every winner at every fighting game competition, but I think about 90% top players were using arcade sticks (from what I have seen at least).

Well, the thing is that most top players for Japanese fighting games play with arcade sticks due to the large number of arcades there. They use them because they are more familiar with them then with a controller. Most of EVO’s top 8 for USF4 were using sticks. Those players started with their local arcades. Most of EVO’s top 8 for KI were playing with regular X1 controllers. Most of them started with console fighting games (bit of a generalization but the point still lingers).

The premise is not the same, the zapper still used motion control for aiming whereas regular controllers used normal stick inputs. Both fightstick and pad use the same kind of inputs so there is no difference between the two in terms of the game accepting your inputs easier from one than the other. A better comparison would be if KI allowed Kinect inputs, that would be more related to the zapper.

bleh, your just twistin my words.

Just in exibition matches there shoufd be a choice to choose what kinda player contolller settings.

A lot of the best KI players use pad. EVO grand finals this year was stick vs pad. Could you tell there who was using which by watching the gameplay?

I guarantee you, you have never lost a KI match because your opponent was able to do something you couldn’t do because of his controller choice.

There is no disadvantage or advantage in using stick vs pad and I don’t know why you’d want to split the player base over a total non-issue. That’s like saying CS:GO players should be able to see whether their opponent is using a mechanical keyboard or not and filter them from matchmaking.

I never said I have on KI, but the option should be there.

I think it just depends on what each individual player uses better. If someone were equally good at stick and controller, I don’t think that using one provides an inherent advantage over the other, though it’s perfectly fine if you disagree. I’ve just never found that to be the case.

The option shouldn’t be there because what would it do besides seperating the fanbase. No side has an advantage over another so it would just give players an option to sperate themselves from playing against a portion of the playerbase.