Different Shadow Effect for Fulgore

Just an idea that I had.

Now as we all know, instead of a traditional Shadow Meter, Fulgore has a Reactor Gauge that acts as his meter instead. Can Fulgore get a red Shadow effect to match the Reactor Gauge instead of purple like everyone else? I know that there’s probably a story reason that I don’t know about yet that explains why the purple effect is there for everyone, but is it possible that Fulgore can have a red one instead?


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. Fulgore should have a rainbow shadow effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I see the shadow effects as a manifestation of “Astral Energy” being expelled and released into the physical realm, by beings of immense power (our characters in KI). So having it all be the same color makes sense, since it’s all the same thing.

So, if Fulgore is Eagle, in some form or another, then it also makes sense the color would be the same. Because we aren’t playing as a random Fulgore Unit.

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Yes! That will also explain why Thunder, Aganos, Orchid and TJ was able to destroy hundreds of Fulgores at the same time!

The Fulgore/Eagle is much more powerful than the other Fulgores and that why he have acess to this Shadow Energy!

Well they said that the new shadow effect was because of the “lore” I find it strange that a robot can even be connected to the Shadow Realm or whatever it’s called. He should def have his own Shadow effect same for Aria.

Anyways making the shadow effect a part of the lore reminds me of that terrible MK V DCU game where they tapped into the cosmic energy and became enraged. What a terrible idea.

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If Eagle was strong like Thunder, that means he have acess to the Shadow Energy, and if Eagle is Fullgore, the Fulgore that we saw in the game have acess to Eagle’s Power

No No No No No No NOOOO!


Remember how Fulgore still physically human from inside (Eagle). Eagle organics ( for example, brain ) still inside Fulgore already teased at his backstory as Fulgore Mark 03 = Eagle. So based on the other fighters who purge the same colors through their shadows, i dont see why Fulgore should have different color at his shadow. The real power of Fulgore Mark 03 comes from Eagle’s mind who makes the cyborg capable of properly fighting (both mark 1 and 2 has poorly failed previously). The reactor just give him something else feeding his body and works most of the time as a weapon. Sometimes people forget the meaning of the word cyborg. AND forget about who’s Eagle.

Aganos is essentially a robot running on astral energy.
And don’t forget that playable Fulgore has a human brain… maybe… sorta…

Well Aria? She doesn’t need the purple.

That could actually be pretty cool. Considering Fulgore’s reactor I think a form of Red would fit, something similar to the his lazers. Maybe even do the same for Aria and give her a Blue effect in line with most of her energy attacks.

Oh god, that was a horrendous idea. I really hate being one of those people that just armchairs and throws remarks from cheap seats, but the reason for the cross over (ie THE RAGE) and most of that story… Man was that bad writing.

I think we’ll have to see what this “lore” reason is for why characters have shadow energy. If it plays a role, that’s fine. I think it can be done and still make for a compelling story, I just hope they’re not taking too many pages out of MKvsDC’s book in that regard.

As for the idea of giving different characters different color shadow energy, specifically Fulgore and perhaps ARIA, I’d be down for it.