Destiny 2

Heck. Yes.

Been playing the first one since the beta! So excited for this, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.


Tomorrow is RAID DAY!!!

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I haven’t played Destiny since the christmas event happened.It just died in my heart sadly.I hope the next game has the ability to bring me back.

kinda wish they had one more dlc for the cabal. mostly we got hive,fallen,“hive”,and fallen again. cabal is just the only race that doesn’t have a raid.

Isn’t this the game that was suppose to last like 10 years or something or am I thinking of something else? I haven’t played in forever.

The series itself is supposed to be a 7+ year thing.The first game in it’s current state would not a have a chance at more than 5.Once the live events are over the game gets very stale. So for the Destiny franchise to go on a new game is definently needed.

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I hope Destiny 2 will not rip-off again… :confused:

I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.


I hope the sequel ends up much better than the first game did. :unamused: Destiny 1’s launch was abysmal and only after 4 mostly paltry expansions and updates did it start to feel like the game it should have been out of the box.

Wonder if it’ll launch with a whole game this time.

Destiny was a pretty well crafted game, but after a lack of content, rather expensive DLC, the grinding and some… interesting… balancing choices, I can’t say I’m eager to hop back in. And that was after a few hundred hours.

Hopefully they improve on the flaws of the first game. The gameplay itself was pretty solid so if they could refine that and give us a campaign more than an afternoon long it could be a good game.

walks in


Warlocks rule.

walks out


Anyone playing this?

I’m getting Friday. From what I have been reading around, it’s better than the first game but I need to play it first to give a full opinion.

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I will be once it releases on 10/24 for PC.

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I’ve been playing it… since apparently I pre-ordered the DIGITAL DELUXE version. I’m having fun with it.

I got the standard edition. I don’t love Destiny enough to warrant more than the minimum cost to buy. Having said that…

Story - Much improved from D1, and this was the biggest thing for me. I finished the game with a pretty satisfied feeling.

Gameplay - A slight evolution from D1, so if you are a veteran of that game, things should feel very comfortable. Maybe (could be me) they have their look sensitivities off from before. I’m usually a 3, maybe 4 in most FPS games. I had to start out at 2 at the offset and that kinda threw me.

Visuals - This was a strength. Some of the planets, locations and such are really nicely thought out and are kinda lingering in my memory.

Characters - Again, spoiler-free. Ikora, Cayde and Zavala get a little more fleshed out as characters and the things they go through individually made me give a damn more than i ever did. Especially since they were little more than voices over a radio in the first game. Ghaul turned out to be more than i thought at first, which was nice.

One of the new characters that hadn’t been teased, to my knowledge, i especially like their…duality…and i hope there’s more done. There are missing characters too, some of my favorites. They’d better have roles to play in the expansions.

Criticisms - I’m going to try to not put out spoilers here. My biggest gripe (and this is just after completing the game and some little things afterwards) is that there is a place in the game where, initially, it feels important but afterwards, it looks and feels hung out to dry. Probably will change and maybe there’s stuff to unlock as you play more, but right now, it feels like ‘why ever go to b when i can go to a’?

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I played a good bit of Destiny 1, but 2 doesn’t really look like a full on sequel, but more of the same in most regards, like a 1.5, at best an expansion than a new game. However, that’s come from a standpoint of seeing and not playing.

I have also seen a number of youtubers talk about the new Eververse microtransactions, and that subject has me most worried of all. Between what I’ve seen of the loot table possible for the microtransaction packages, and the fact the shader system has been downgraded from the previous game’s to both artificially increase the game time engagement by forcing players to grind activities to get more shaders considering they are consumables now rather than the items they once were, I’m too skeptical to buy this game at the moment. And those are tip of the iceberg problems compared to some of the other comparisons and reviews I’ve read.

It’s hard for me to support this game, especially because I want to, but on principle, I can’t. They turned the microtransactions into something extremely greedy (IMO), and even downgraded the shader system to help sell them because shaders are part of the possible loot table. If they could at least fix the shader system some time down the road to match what it was in destiny 1, I would begin to think about supporting it. I want to see more of the story, and experience first hand rather than watch let’s plays of it on youtube spoiling it all. I also just do not understand the internal decision to make the multiplayer games at a 4v4 when the last game was capable of 6v6, and why they could not bother with dedicated servers instead of the ancient system bungie has been using since Halo to coordinate online games. The fact that it was recently revealed the first DLC is supposed to be out NEXT MONTH doesn’t help either and, in some ways, cheapens the experience of the main story, when you know the whole package was diced up into parts when it should have been all shipped together.