Definitive Edition PC Release and *The Legend of Thunder* FREE Costume Pack

I know this will probably be touched on in today’s textual stream, but the Official KI Twitter page just gave us a wonderful little article.

The Definitive Edition is going to the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative so you can finally get it standalone on PC. and what’s more, there’s a new costume for Thunder based on traditional Nez Pierce garb coming on December 21!


I am really liking this little peak.

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*A new costume for everyone is possible now


So, can the Thunder retro costume haters shut up now?







Cool! I like that art, though I’m not sure how it will translate to the game. The paint looks the same as the standard outfit, but the headdress is different. Ehh. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing the final result!

The fact that they’re actually releasing a totally new costume for someone is source enough :stuck_out_tongue:
They could start doing these Traditional/“Legend of…” costumes for characters like Jago, Kim Wu, Tusk, etc. Or even better, some brand new original ideas like Funerary Hisako, or re-imagined retros like KI2 Wulf!


let’s pump the breaks on the hype train. It can only lead to heartbreak.

What? :confused:

I’m just happy they are releasing new costumes. Seems they got the message. Lets hope this continues.

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was vaguely referencing the few posts above the speculated new costumes for the whole cast

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Explain me what’s the downside of being happy because my favorite video game devs are putting extra cosmetic options, something we asked from long ago, adding new colors and costumes and hinting more support for the game

Because for me, there is no downside


Heck yeah I mean yea sure we can expect SOME possible disspaointments but if the goods heavily outweigh the bads I’m all for it. FULL SPEED DAMN IT. I will use my riptor to burn the coal!


lol. I said pump the break on the hype train, not stop for a piss break.

ya know. slow down from 200 miles an hour to you know something reasonable like 150 :blush:


Expecting costumes for everyone because one character got one seems pretty reasonable for me

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same. I’d love to see what they’ll do for Riptor!

We’re getting a textual stream in a few hours, a new costume for Thunder (I will NEVER oppose new customization for my main!), and the article promises;

“We also want to let Killer Instinct players know that we’re not done yet – we’ve got some awesome surprises in store for fans soon, but as we’re just about to wind down the year we wanted to announce something we’ve been working on for a while and is very special to the entire Xbox & KI team.”

But yes, please let’s not be happy the teams are still supporting KI with extra content.


I think I just got struck by lightning because all I could hear was the resounding boom of