Definitive edition Characters locked pc

Very good to hear, I’m crazy that the game comes the right way for PC Game Pass.
Salutes from Brazil.

Just got game pass ultimate and I have the same issue: All of Season 1 and 2 characters are unlocked but the whole bottom row except for the free fighter are not usable and it prompts me to buy them when looking at them individually in the store. This game is the main reason why I subbed to game pass ultimate in the first place. I guess I’ll just use what’s available until this issue is resolved.

We’re working to understand the issues with KI on Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta). We do know that there are no workarounds at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will follow up with more details. In the meantime, please remember that KI continues to work with Xbox Game Pass for Console.

Hi everyone. For everyone here missing KI DLC with PC Game Pass, we have made some adjustments and initial reports are looking good. Please give it a try now and let me know if you see all your characters, VIP XP Boost (icons on the char portraits), *retro costumes and *gold skins (*for characters that have them).

To test this make sure you signed into the Win 10 Store & Xbox Companion app with the account that owns PC or Ultimate Game Pass. Launch from either.

If you already deleted KI and want to try here is how to get it again:
• install KI from win 10 store

If this does not work for you, please send me a message directly with a screen shot of any issues and confirm this was on Win 10 and what Game Pass subscription you have.

Thanks again for hanging in there while we work through this!



It worked! The game has been missing from the Xbox game pass w10 app for some time now so I opened it via the W10 store, everything seems to be there.


Ok willing to give it a shake. Installing via the windows 10 store now

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Here it worked too.


Everything works for me now as well! Thanks!

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Thanks for all the help verifying. We will have more official update news on this soon, but looks like we have it sorted out for PC Game Pass.


I would like to confirm that this also fixed my inability to use Gold skins, Kilgore, Eagle, and Shin Hisako on Windows 10 store version which was separate from the game pass issue since I bought the ultra edition.


Good news- Killer Instinct DE is now officially back in the PC Game Pass (beta) App

As always, let us know if you have any issues. Thanks for all the help providing confirmation the fix worked.



I just picked up the Ultimate Game Pass yesterday, and I’m happy to say all of the characters were immediately unlocked.

The only issue I appear to be having is with the Gold and Horror skins. Every time I boot up the game, there’s a Store notification and it highlights these respective skin packs. This occurs 100% of the time on boot up. It shows the content as unlocked, but I can’t find the skins to use. I’m assuming they should be where normal skins are on the character select screen, but no dice.

Note I am playing on a PC, Windows 10 of course. My PC is updated with the latest windows updates and drivers as of this past Friday.


I see you picked up gamepass, but thought of you when I saw this on Twitter:

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Thanks man, I bought the game, as that’s the perfect price I was waiting for! I won’t be keeping Game Pass forever, so this is fantastic!

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@KRAKENJIMMYJust to follow up, I tested again now that I’ve fully purchased the game, and both the Horror Skin Pack as well as all the Gold skins seem to have properly unlocked.

So that appears to be a Game Pass-specific issue, though I’m not sure if it’s happening to others.

I am attempting to play on the Microsoft Store version.
I purchased KI Ultra Edition for Xbox One in 2013 and I am using the same account to login and I do not have access to the characters I paid for.
I also subscribed to the PC Games Pass for the Microsoft Store to have access to all of the characters in the Definitive Edition.
I changed my systems time in Windows to the Central Timezone (US).
I am living in Thailand right now.
I have attempted to use a VPN to set the region to US.

So far, the only thing that has changed through all of my efforts is that it unlocked Shadow Jago, which I believe was a bonus for buying the Ultra Edition in 2013.

Please help me access the products that I’ve paid for. Thanks.

To clarify, when you bought the Killer Instinct Ultra Edition, were you living in the US?

You shouldn’t need to go through any of those kinds of hoops to play the game when abroad. I bought the game back in 2013 stateside, and play now primarily on PC in Singapore. No need to VPN into a US region or mess with your system location or time settings or anything like that - when you log in it should sync to the servers normally and have everything be good from there.

If I had to guess, I would assume your issues are probably related to the generic PC Games Pass issues that seem to be affecting a fair amount of new users. At the very least though I’m surprised you don’t have access to all the S1 characters - this is the first time I’ve heard of a user who got started on X1 having issues with characters being available on PC.

It’s a bit of a different scenario, but going to merge this into a thread about locked chars we had on PC a while ago. Take a look through some of that @ZAQMK - hopefully some of it can be useful to you.

@KRAKENJIMMY May have a bit of a resurgence on the Win10 chars being locked issue :confused:

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Yes. And that’s when I downloaded the core game as well.

*edit: I guess I’ll try to download the game again from the MS Store overnight or something.

It certainly won’t hurt to try.