Death Battle: Balrog vs T.J. Combo

Hey guys, I just heard they’re doing another KI Death Battle match-up. So what does everyone think: our own T.J. Combo, or Balrog?


I would love to see TJ winning, but they will take some absurd non canon history to make Balrog win


I’m not sure. I suppose it depends on how hard they have shown Balrog to hit in SF lore and how resilient he is compared to Combo. I know in KI lore Combo has beat Fulgores and Riptors…has Balrog ever done anything comparable to taking down dinosaurs and killer robots?

Considering how the guys of deathbattle take notes, they will show something like this

-Balrog using cinder blocks to train.
-They will show a concrete block and calculate the strength to break it.
-Given that, it calculates both his strength and resistance, which will be high

-Eats several hits and a Hadoken from Ryu
-Remains unharmed
-Shows what a hadoken can do
-Hence, Balrog is super resistant

The lack of KI material (1 comic and games as source) is nothing compared to SF material(movies, comics, more games…).

Is super easy to find ridiculous stuff there and make Balrog overpower TJ


But I mean TJ did kill a Riptor in one punch in the novella that’s gotta count for something right?

For reference:

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Don’t forget Orchid and Glacius!

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I dunno about this one

For T.J (i don’t know much so please tell me if i miss something):
-T.J has defeated more opponents than Balrog (problem is most of them were Fulgore drones), but he has even bested ARIA so that is pretty impressive
-Is the T.J fighting with his cybernetics or without?
-Hasn’t T.J been fighting for more than 20+ years? so he probs has more experience than rog but at the same time may be older and less powerful
-Taking down Fulgores and riptors are still really impressive feats

For Balrog:
-Killed dhalsims elephant in one punch
-Fliped a full speeding car in a single punch with Lei and cristie inside
-Tanked off fights against Ryu, Zangief, Urien (needed ed tho) and Ibuki + R.Mika
-M.bison has a use for his so that means something
-Killed his opponents in the ring
-Fights more dirty

But then again…T.J has a gun…But still Balrog in SFV season 2 is a monster (jk)

I dunno Balrog loses more (bad guy syndrome) but has some impressive feats but T.J still has done some amazing things especially in a universe like KI

Mine final verdict is 60/40 in Balrog’s favor (but I don’t mind who wins since I like both)

Oh, I didn’t forget them, but I thought the Fulgore and Riptor ones would be of the most importance to the DB since Combo has beaten both in KI’s lore, and they lay out their stats on both in those 2 DBs.

Glacius V Sub Zero was BS… just the fact that Glacius uses alien technology to enhance his ice shell defeats any other ice user

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Nah. Sub can beat Glay.

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Thing about Death Battle is they take EVERYTHING into account, so comics, games, and the novella will be counted for TJ. So that being the case, accross everthing, TJ has beaten:

  • Riptor
  • Spinal
  • Saira
  • Cinder
  • Orchid
  • Fulgore

TJ has lost to:

  • Glacius
  • Fulgore

Other than those 1v1 fights, TJ has both won and lost against packs of Riptors and Fulgores.

Also, in this fight it looks like he’s fighting without the implants…

Check out @AnimatedTorrii’s Tweet:

…but he should still have the DNA altering serum and all that. People seem to forget the upgrades TJ got in this new KI. TJ now has:

  • a healing factor
  • last breath
  • enhanced speed

Not to mention the 20 year title run prior to the upgrade. And he’s always had:

  • superhuman strength (tremor - able to quake the ground like Jax, or punch an opponent dozens of feet in the air / so high they don’t come back down)
  • also TJ sometimes packs heat
  • or will straight up snap a dude’s neck.

Balrog is great, and I’d give him the strength edge, but TJ has him in speed, possibly stamina and durability, and also experience. Not to mention TJ may be smarter.

The novella talked about how TJ studied the greats like Ali and Tyson like a scholar during his early training, where as Balrog is simply a brawler. Both were champs, both were cheats, but only one was champ multiple years running, and THEN was given the equivalent of a “super soldier serum.”

At the end of this fight, I sense an Ali style rope-a-dope. TJ’s “Glory Days” instinct is going to kick in, his speed is going increase, and he’s going to pulverize Rog.

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Dunno about durability but defo speed for T.J.

this was the same argument for Fulgore v Sektor (and despite having speed Sektor didn’t have the strength, size or bulk)

height: 6,6
weight: 298 lbs

height: 6,1
weight: 220 lbs

Balrog tbh never lost in the ring he just got kicked out for injuring many and KILLING one of his opponent and obviously cheating (also balrog is pretty much dirty tyson)

T.J lost before resorting to cybernetics

I dunno i just think ONE shotting a fully grown male elephant and tanking hits from Urien are enough

oh yeah he decked Necalli

I’ve actually been doing a ton of research for this one. I’m trying to put together a whole thread about it on Comicvine. But yeah, you are right about the argument for Sektor/Fulgore, but Balrog has some glaring weaknewsses too.

Balrog lost to Ryu because he was to focused on “boxing” rather than Ryu’s Ansatsuken style.

Balrog was knocked out cold after Ryu’s DP.

Balrog lost to Dudley in the ring by decision, and then was humiliated by him in the locker room.

Balrog also got a double KO against Cammy.

Balrog is Ridiculously strong, most likely stronger than TJ, but TJ is a better all around fighter having so many other techniques, is faster, and is more experienced. Also, you know SA is going to reference Fulgore in this fight (who TJ beat twice in this new timeline), and they also may reference Orchid (who TJ has a win over too).

So far I’ve found that TJ has one loss to Fulgore in the comic:

…and one loss to Glacius in the comic:

Other than that he’s been beaten in group fights where he has been really out numbered.

I think the thing that is going to win this for TJ though is his backstory. This is from his training:

“Over the next five years TJ grew tall and his body filled out. All during that time he studied the sweet science of boxing with the zeal of a scholar, analyzing the fighting techniques of his boxing idols like Ali and Tyson. And he worked his body until he was a rippling specimen of muscles and raw power. In his early twenties he started winning fights.”

TJ is going to rope-a-dope this dude hard. Not to mention that Balrog is a Tyson clone, so TJ is going to have seen just about everything that Rog has to offer.

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Form what I hear the only powerful thing Balrog has done was kill an elephant in one punch. Unless someone who is also a member of the SF community can fill us in on other achievements he’s done.

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If speed and technique is the key rather than raw strength, all TJ needs to do is go into Instinct or use Last Breath and get a +6 frame bonus and Balrog is done.

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Don’t forget how easily TJ can juggle people like Aganos lol

Balrog apparently did kill an elephant in the Alpha series with his Gigaton punch, and in the comics he used/uses a heavy bag filled with cinder blocks for practice. In that issue he punched the bag so hard the bag broke and the blocks spilled out.

Other than that, in the SF X Tekken game Balrog punched a speeding car so hard it flipped over his head and flew some distance. This feat is way above his other stuff, not to mention completely non-canon, but I’m confident the Screwattack guys use it.

What I’m most interested in for TJ is how they SA guys are going to determine TJ’s true punching strength. TJ is strong enough to quake the ground, and in both KI2 and KI2013 TJ’s fist becomes engulfed in some type of energy when he goes for big hits. It’s possible that they will put hard numbers to these things.

Indeed they will that’s for sure.

I just needed to upload these pics somewhere, but yeah, TJ can punch so fast that flames are created, and punch so hard that he can make the earth quake.

I think the guys at Screwattack calculated the speed / force need to do this, but who knows if it will be used in the Death Battle. Still though, the tremor feat should be calculated.