Dear fellow KI fans, how it's going on your lifes?

Here’s the last 4 we did.


Looks good :slight_smile:

Not too much, but some :slight_smile: :grin: Also apologies for the quite late response/answer now :sweat_smile:

Something I also got to say but most of my year has not been very good.

I lost my father in February this year, and then my older brother two months later.
So now its just me, my twin brother and sister now.

The year started out good in 2023, I got a new job at a local graphic design place. (we make awards for the military but its not a big business. But most of the job involves making awards for the military so we get to help the soldiers the boot


I’m really sorry to hear about your dad and your older brother. Losing one person is horrible enough. I can’t imagine how hard it must be losing two people in such a short amount of time. You definitely have my sympathies and my condolences.

I really hope your year gets better from here. Congrats on the new job! My company was bought by another company last year and we kinda transitioned over in earnest earlier this year and it’s been ROUGH lol. Working out of two systems (while trying to learn the new one), working out of two laptops, tracking deadlines for complete different things… It’s been extremely difficult so far. Thankfully things are starting to slow down a little bit, but we’re kinda at the edge of that first drop, when things will really start to get busy again, so we’ll see.

I lost about a hundred pounds last year, which was good because COVID did NOT treat me well lol. Now I’m back up 50 due to all the job stress and not having nearly the time I used to have to take good care of myself, but I’m starting to improve in that area again as well.

Hope this year keeps improving. It started off like garbage, but slowly seems to be getting better. I’m actually traveling to Europe for the first time this year, so I’m pretty stoked about that. Cant’ wait!


That’s cool and it’s okay. :smiley: I haven’t been here a lot either.


Im so sorry to hear that :frowning: It must be hard for you. You will be remembered in my prayers.
It’s good that you still have your twin brother and sister, at least. Also, us, on this forum, if you need to talk. And congratulations for your job! I hope you like it.
I hope that life is getting better for you. :pray:


Glad to hear you are making better now. And you lost weight very much, if I understood right? (sorry, english is not my mother language).
And welcome to Europe :smiley:


You are correct! I understand your English perfectly. Much appreciated!

Looking forward to the trip to Europe! Can’t wait.


Okay good. Losing weight is hard work, not so easy that many think. :confused:
Are you going to visit multiple countrys?

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It is, we just got an extra hour of work for our schedule. Now the minimum requirement right now is getting 5 jobs done in a week. so far I’ve got it at three (as of today for this week)

If I manage to get upto 10 I get a bonus. So so far I’m doing good so far,


That’s good to hear :slight_smile:

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State got hit was a storm.

Tornado almost formed in my town but as soon as it left it fully formed and made a beline for the town next to us.

Hail rained down and damaged the windshield with cracks.

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Im sorry to hear that. But you and your siblings are okay? What about that other town, did that tornado make bad damage? :frowning:
I assume you talk about car’s windshield? (Okay sorry this might be stupid questing but like I have said, english is not my native language D:)

Btw it’s nice that this thread is still alive. :smiley: Feel free to write here and tell how it’s going on your lifes, guys. :slight_smile: I’m interested to hear and at all talk with my fellow KI fans (and especially about KI, well I may be too crazy even for you guys lol)

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To answer yes they are all safe. My twin brother was with me. We were at work at the time when it happened.

My niece even filmed the tornado as it was forming. It didn’t touchdown till after it left town.

The worse that happened is that the power went out. apparently a separate week tornado (very small one) knocked out the powerlines.
Power was out till 1:48 AM.


I’m glad you and your family is okay. Here in OKC, they had expected the worst. My job even made everyone go home as soon as our shift ended. We ended up not getting hardly anything. I am grateful for that. After May 3rd and 2013, I’ve seen enough monster tornadoes to last a lifetime.

Tbh, to us Okies, tornado watching is like Monday night football. :joy::joy::joy::sob:

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yeah I saw footage of that. That thing grew form a rope to a monster in less than 5 minutes.

I was alive at the time when the bridge creek tornado was around as well.

So did you actually see these tornadoes in person?

As an Oklie myself I say no to that. Especially when big ones can throw debris for miles. You never no when or where that will hit.

though video capture tech has made people less concern about self preservation and more on getting footage.

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I’m glad you guys are safe. :slight_smile:

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What about you, are you okay? If I understood right, you and justathereptile live at same city?

Oh btw! You mentioned before that you watched that movie named “65”, did you like it?
I just watched it with friends.

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