Daytona USA 3 Teaser Trailer

Hey guys Sega has just released a trailer for Daytona USA 3 for Arcades (I know it sucks that its Arcade only) But who knows we might see it come to consoles later on in the future. Keep in mind that the footage of the trailer is in Early Development


Nice!! I was more of a Sega Rally guy back in the day as far as home console, but this game was fun in the arcade. Glad to see it back! Hope I get to check it out in the arcade me who knows, maybe it’ll come to XB1 sometime. :slight_smile:

you and me both i really want to play this so bad.

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Here is some gameplay of the demo.

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So glad they used the song lol

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Sorry for updating this game i completely forgot however here are the rest of race tracks keep in mind they are still in development.