Darth Maul for a guest character PLEASE!

He was such a super bad a&*** bad guy ,we need a doublebladed saber in their anyway


I love it but… I don’t want see to Darth Maul join Ki season 3.

Darth maul is perfect 10000000% for Soul Calibur 6.


Considering they had star wars for SC4 I wouldn’t expect it unfortunately…

More on topic, as much as I like Star Wars, I don’t really want Darth Maul (or any star wars character) in KI. But, I like the idea of a character with a double blade like that, or maybe a staff? I dunno.

I freaking WISH! OMG that would be awesome!


That’s who we need. A Staff Guy…OMG IG MAKE IT HAPPEN XD

I have one in a thread. It is right here.

I heartily agree with you, because I already have a much more worthy candidate in mind…