Darkstalkers needs a reboot or a sequel!

If only Capcom can bring back Darkstalkers anew.

A new story, change the characters and all.

But give’em alignments! Who’s friend and who’s foe?

Why you want darkstalkers reboot?

I don’t know.

I just feel this franchise needs a reboot.

Demons Crest too!

No reboot! I want sequel!

I want Eternal Champions.

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I remember Capcom stating that the DS collection they released was going to determine fan interest for a new game. From what I heard it didn’t sell well plus Ono couldn’t get enough signatures on a petition to show Capcom bosses interest was high.

It’s a real oddity in the fighting game world but I don’t see a new game coming for a while, would like to see it return though

MS needs to surprise us and take one DS character and remake him/her for KI as a guest. MORRIGAN? (too much like Aria?)

Dimitri would be amazing

Yeah, I remember this too. What a shame. I actually enjoy this series a lot more than Street Fighter and the versus games (as far as Capcom fighters go). Loved the fun characters designs and over the top special moves and supers.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll be seeing another game in this series for a long time, if ever. Capcom seems to be in somewhat dire straits these days. I’d love it if Microsoft went to them and said “we’ll pay for Darkstalkers 4 if you make it exclusively for us.” Of course, I can’t see that happening given that they’re already in bed with Sony for Street Fighter V. Who knows though, maybe after that game’s come out?

If I could pick a character for DS to appear in KI though, yeah, totally agree with @R1stormrider. Definitely Dimitri! Maybe Bishamon or Victor? A more realistic version of any of those three could look AWESOME.

I for 1 wouldn’t mind seeing this franchise get rebooted.

I would wish either a reboot or a sequel!

After releasing a game and seeing its sales, you then decide on whether or not to make a sequel is quite normal. Capcom might have sold 1million copies (SfxT level) of a next gen Darkstalkers and considered it a failure. I have no problem with this.

But what capcom did was re-release an old game that firstly, no one asked for, and secondly, some already owned. This is something Ono never should have agreed to, imo.

Why is this lousy market research? Well, they were basically saying: give us $15 or $20 and we’ll THINK about it. And then because no one gave Capcom free money, they concluded that fans probably didn’t want a new darkstalkers that badly.

Like with KI, I wouldve gladly paid some money upfront for a new darkstalkers. A shame really.

Maybe they should include a DS character in SFV instead and gauge interest.

Capcom has done enough SF! DS needs to return in action! A new story after the last 2 games (both Darkstalkers 1 & 2 are the same and DS 3)

Does anyone have any character ideas that can be possible to bring out and for some to replace the originals?

Cause with Victor gone, how about a Jekyll/Hyde?


They should make new Tatsunokovs Capcom 2, Darkstalkers and etc.