Darksiders III


Hmmm… I thought the first one was ok.
I thought the second one was meh.
I may try the third.


So now what do you think of AND how do you feel about Fury’s form personally in Darksiders 3?


Darksiders 3 website is up.

I am really glad that they finally confirmed Darksiders 3. We’ve been waiting for long time. I feel like this is exactly what we want/need to see. But I don’t care about next horseman is female. I just wanna play Fury and she look naughty and cool! :slight_smile: Strife is my favorite horseman, I was expecting he would be playable in Darksiders 3 until someone leaked it. I’m not even mad. I hope Strife playable in co-op, DLC or waiting for Darksiders 4.

EDIT: Sloth is in Darksiders 3? That’s mean we will see Seven Deadly Sins characters in DS3!


I haven’t played any of the past two games… this one got my interest though. That whip! :smiley:


You can buy Darksiders Fury’s collection - War and Death for $20.00, If you want to. :slight_smile:

Oh boy, I can’t help but very hype. I’m excited to see Fury’s gameplay soon!


Are these figurines or something? Where do I find them?



I still think anyone of the four horsemen would make a wonderful guest character for ki. I would personally love that. Tell me they wouldn’t make a good addition…


Will anyone hope Darksiders 3 will make a reveal? I so want Strife & Fury together!


Unlikely, but It would definitely be cool. With how great the art style was in Darksiders 2, I bet a sequel would look gorgeous.


darksiders 2 was so awesome, i need to beat it


Darksiders 3 is finally back. Coming out sometime next year for PS4 XB1 and PC. Finally new life breathed into one of my favorite franchises. Time to raise the hype.


All on board the Darksiders hype train! Darksiders hype! Darksiders FTW! Darksiders is now FINALLY back once again! :smile: :grin: :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses:


Now personally how do you feel about AND what do you think of Fury’s physical appearance/form in Darksiders 3?


I think she’s beautifully drawn. Kinda have a sadistic cartoonish feel to her but not so much that she looks like she doesn’t belong with her brothers.


I still think anyone of the four horsemen would make a wonderful guest character for ki. I would personally love that.


Merged the two threads.

If Darksiders III is a lot like DS 1 and not a lot (i.e. at all) like DS 2, then I’ll be very, very happy.


What’s wrong with Darksiders 2? I like both. But I am curious about your opinion on DS 2.

I am sure Darksiders 3 will be like DS 1 because developers asked DS community if they want gameplay like DS 1. I really hope side quests return too, they are very fun.


people complaining about the game already because of her face( she looks like something straight out of skylanders) but the game is coming out 2018, we will wait.


I loved the story of DS1 I just wished it was as extensive a land as is it’s brother DS2. However I found the loot, combining, and ranking system of DS2 kinda cumbersome and awkward. I mainly kept two possessed weapons a glaive and a syth feeding it everything I find until I maxed them out or found a possessed weapons of the same kind that could eat more. It was the only way I could fathom the system.

What I would love of DS3 is a universe as big as DS2 with the story telling of DS1 if that makes any sense. No doubt my wish list will ghee with time.