Darker theme for season 3

With the probable gargos storyline and new logo i think season 3 should go for a slightly more dark tone than the previous 2 seasons similar to ki1 and it would be a good time to introduce ultimates aswell, i assume some s3 characters would be allied with gargos or his minions of some sort, the game should reflect the tone of the originals a bit more


I would agree with you, but with Rash’s addition to the roster, it seems they might be going both ways. Maybe a balancing act, by adding someone really wacky and out there to counter the darker tone of Gargos’s arrival in Season 3.

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I think it’ll be more or less the same, they’ll just put in more characters that we love.


We just need a broccoli man.

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and that’s it really


Exactly that too

Can you clarify what you mean by “dark tone” perhaps? I’m just curious what you think the original KI did that season one and season two didn’t do in this regard. I don’t mean that in an argumentative way at all. I’m curious what would make KI darker and what spots you think need to be darker within the game in particular.

Sure, there are a few levels that take place during the day (Aganos and Maya spring to mind), but there are also some really dark looking levels like Spinals, Kan Ra’s, etc.

I do think that they could have some darker looking Vs screen videos for each character as opposed to simply having the characters duplicate their entrance to the select secreen and then freezing the characters for 6-10 seconds.

Anyone else think that KI needs a “darker” theme for season 3, and what do you think that means in specific terms? What parts would you like to see adjusted to fit a darker aesthetic and how would you accomplish that? Just wondering.