Dafuq is this?

Seriously!?!?!? Unbreakable!??!?


New Tech? Thanks.

Thats a lot of unbreakable Golpes!

NO! DO NOT USE THAT! You have enough ARIA tech as it is.

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Is that really unbreakable? Can’t you counter this? Combo Breaker?

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I bet it could be extended with some meter, too. Or does “Shadow Projectiles” count as breakable while “Non-Shadow” projectiles aren’t?

Lol just noticed its against Omen!

I can just Imagine ARIA screaming in frustration:
While hitting him endlessly with this move. XD


CTFU I know dude.

You can counter break that, phase through it, or shadow slide through it.

EDIT: I meant Shadow Counter it. My bad guys.

You haven’t even seen what I got with Aria including full screen teleport auto doubles.

I wouldn’t mind playing again sometime now that I’m shaking some rust off, just go easy on the taunt button.

It’s a glitch that keits said is getting fixed. Zeromaycry was using this in the 8BBD. ARIA is able to get her fully charged hk without fully charging it.

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Those are all heavy attacks, right? Aren’t they breakable during or after the 3rd attack with no break opportuniy, as per new S3 rules? I’d assume you just break on or after the 3rd attack with a heavy combo-breaker.

The only reason why I would think that you couldn’t is because he’s getting hit by the grenades, which I believe count as projectiles, which aren’t breakable for that very reason (and is yet another reason why I keep saying that projectiles in this game should be breakable in some way, just like everything else).

In any case, it didn’t even do all that much damage - it only hit 17%.

Don’t worry. That is Rash. I don’t taunt with anyone else. Well most of the time anyway.

You’re playing Rash right.

I remember ARIA scanning me and @SightlessKombat one time. It was during Forum Battle hours.

Isnt that the bug that was used in the 8bit the other day that some were complaining about? Why would anyone want to use cheap tactics to win? Just seems lame

Bingo. Since they are projectiles they are unbreakable.

Furthermore though, this will be removed from the game just like Glacius’ bug, and the Kan-ra bug.

Because it was legal. Zero May Cry doesn’t need it, but it definitely helped.

I know its legal… doesnt change the fact that its lame