Cute and adorable game characters

What game characters do you find to be cute and adorable?

Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest and Ibuki from the Street Fighter series are among the two game characters whom I find to be SO VERY cute and adorable :smile: :grin: :relaxed: :blush:

gets no cuter than this.


Pikachu and Yoshi

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Reaper from Overwatch XD


Dark Souls 1

Dark Souls 3



We’re doing THAT kind of adorable? Ok then!

or, shoot the arms off of one of these guys, and you will have yourself a loyal little puppy!

Yoshi warms my heart. Especially in yarn form.

Also love Trico from The Last Guardian. Note, if you google "what is that cat dog thing from that Sony game, it’s still the first thing that comes up lol.

Ori’s another great pick. Good call, OP!

Oh! And Pipots from Lost Odyssey. Those are cute too, even if there are seemingly no good pictures of them on the internet lol.

And of course moogles. Very adorable.

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Anyone play “Devil Dice” or “Bombastic” for PS1 and PS2?


That dog? Really?..

Some my may find his endless amusement at peoples suffering ominous. I think its a part his charm.

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Now I have to ask: Is it just me or do those creatures/characters look kind of like the Teletubbies? :stuck_out_tongue:

never thought of that, but i can see it.

Probably because of the fact that the “head” is actually an infection form in the chest area. Looks similar to a teletubbies face surrounded by their… fur?

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Ah, gotcha. So I see now too

Look how cute this Locust is


My favourite Nintendo character of them all:


That’s Hisako’s Sensei

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Who? Kirby? How so exactly? :confused:

For me, I would say Miles “Tails” Prower. I’ve loved foxes when I was young, and I just want to cuddle him.


You don’t know him??? o_O