Custom Ultra Combo Beat (W/ All Character Themes)


Oh, should’ve mentioned that.

Unless I’m going crazy, the three Google Drive links don’t work. Give them a look yourself if you can, but everytime I click on them it gives me an error. The only one working is the Mira/Gargos/RAAM/Eyedol one on MEGA.


New Custom Ultra Combo based on Hyper Dragon Ball Z Combos using Cinder Notes.

Also, the Google Drive Links worked for me. I did some complicated sorting to make sure that I had all the files and I still think some files are missing. Jago’s First Hit Notea on all 5 sets of notes are missing for some reason. If anyone has the files or if someone has a better rip of the PC version, I’d like to make contact. :slight_smile:


My first KI Custom Ultra Combo Beat. Thoughts?


Very good, I like it. It could be faster, but I like the beat.

Also, have you ever listened to Ricochet’s theme and thought…this is KI’s character select theme? :smile:


I listened to it and i tought it was like either Glacius’ theme or the select screen thene. :grinning:


I could’ve made this ultra beat with all characters but i was too lazy.