Custom Ultra Combo Beat (W/ All Character Themes)


I wonder how the ones I requested are going


I’ve been busy for the last couple of days, but I’m still trying to configure the last 6 hits.


didn’t think the last six would be that hard to pull off


I’ll see what I can do.


can’t wait to see the results



OK, here’s the link:

It uses RAAM as a sampler. To be honest, I couldn’t get 46 hits out of the beat so I had to edit it to make it work. Plus this is an 18 sec ultra. I say it’s a bit overkill. :stuck_out_tongue: But take a listen.


didn’t think it would be that hard, wow, I guess Mizumi’s Ultra really that complicated


It’s not your fault. :slight_smile:


plus it sounded like 50 hits instead of 46, but that is impressive


No, it was 46. I would know, I did the editing.


must have misheard it then, my bad


Otherwise, what did you think?


its one hell of an ultra



Donkey Kong - “25m” - Maya’s Theme

Based on the original 25m theme from the Donkey Kong Arcade Game.


I wonder how my custom ultra sounds like with Orchid’s theme, or even Glacius


NEW Ultra Combo Beats!

Comes with a Bonus Track at the end!


Original Custom Ultra Combos REMASTERED!

Based on my original post above, I decided to remaster my 1st official batch of custom ultra combos.



Those who enjoyed “What if Mario was in Killer Instinct?” and “[Killer Instinct] Custom Video Game Ultra Combos”, Then enjoy these 10 NEW Ultra Combos. 1 Star Fox Ultra, and 9 Super Mario Ultras (5 for Mario, 4 for Bowser, All Remastered).



God, I’m so sorry for bumping this old thread, but this has driving me NUTS. I’ve been trying my damnedest to find all the Ultra sounds, but I only have 6: Gargos, Mira, Eyedol, RAAM, Cinder, and Thunder (the last two helpfully uploaded by RKosmik, but unfortunately they’re all put together into one video instead of seperated). So far, any leads I’ve found don’t respond to me.

I’ve been aching to make some custom Ultras and mess around, so any help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!


Go to the Final Fantasy Shrine Forums. There is a thread named “Killer Instinct - VGM Legacy 2016”. That thread itself contains a large zipped folder that has the themes lifted straight from the game’s files. Because KI’s music is dynamic and it’s lifted straight from the game’s files, every theme available is divided into parts, from idle theme, intro section, high combo section, to Ultra beats, you know it. This is exactly what @EisbrecherATW uses in his Custom Ultra Beats videos.

But I need to remind you that you need to create an account in said forums to download it.