Current Shadow Points payout adjustment feedback

Just curious what other people think of this so far. Personally, it’s been VERY slow going right now for me. A few days in and I have a little over 2,000 SP. I’ve played Shadow Survival several times and I always seem to get bodied by some 1-0 player that has skills for days. Not that it takes much to beat me.

Still, the collector in me want every Shadow skin (and every Mimic skin for that matter). But looking at the numbers… I really think IG has the goal posts moved to far. Yes, there are people that can earn several thousand SP in a day, but what about those with lesser skill that don’t feel good about dropping a ton of SP to roll the dice and hope their opponent isn’t elite tier.

This isn’t a “wah guy gud” issue, this is an issue of the grind being too punitive to the point where the reward isn’t worth the time put in. Couldn’t this potentially frustrate people and maybe even turn them away from trying to get this stuff? Not saying everyone will, but some might.

With that in mind, I’d suggest the following:

-Lower every character’s mimic skin requirement to 25,000 or less. None of this 75K silliness.

-Make any daily reward SP 1,000 or more, up to 5,000.

-Lower Mimic battle requirements to 25 matches per character or less. Any “beat Gargos” requirement should be five max.

-Raise all SP payouts for all matches. I think this is going to happen anyways, but whatever you’re thinking about, take it a notch higher still.

-More shadow matches in Shadow Lords, like, a LOT more. Right now, in Normal, I go several rounds without a single Shadow match.

-Also, raise the payouts for beating Shadows in Shadow Lords. These should be 80 to 150 per match, not 25 to 45 or 50. Guessing the payouts are higher on higher difficulties, but still.

-Have dormant shadows automatically challenge your shadow, maybe what, 3 times a day? 5 times maybe?

I’m sure some of you are looking at this and saying “who’s, at that rate, we’d have all mimic and shadow skins in a week.”

Well, there’s 26 characters. If each had a SP requirement of 25K, let’s see… Carry the 5… That’s 650,000 SP needed for all Shadow skins. Now recall that I’m talking about raising payoffs to 150 and daily rewards to 1,000 or more. There’s still a HUGE grind here, not to mention whatever we’all have to do for gold and terror skins.

I’m all for unlocking stuff while I play. I love it, in fact! I have all characters up to level 50. But right now, the climb feels so massive for mimic and shadow skins that it’s actually diminishing their value for me.

I really hope that whatever adjustments they make are substantial enough to make the climb feel less arduous. They’re awesome ideas and I really appreciate them though! I’ve also finally created a (mediocre) shadow because of these skins but I love improving her (even if she’s horrible right now).

TL / DR: I’d like SP farming to be easier and some requirements lowered, I know they’re working on some of this, but I hope that take some big steps as opposed to little ones. How bout you?


The only effective shadow farming right now is by challenging 1000 point shadows. Look for the ones that have very negative W-L records, like Maximillian’s Fulgore. That nets you 1k SP for 2 fights. All other ways to farm SP are a joke compared to this, though. 50 SP here and there will not get you a 75k skin!


Yeah, I have to agree that the price points are very high in light of the ways to earn them. It’s intended to encourage you to develop a good shadow, but right now it just seems unbelievably daunting.


I am going to assume, that you are a Killer in ranked, because of the amount of time you spend and post in these fourms. If you are then you should have no problem with the 1000 point shadows. Don’t worry about their win/loss record, because that just means they are picked more. It does not mean they fight any better/worse than a 25 point shadow.

Here are some tips for fighting the shadows.

  1. Shadows are AI and not human, so don’t fight them like you would a person.

  2. No shadow has a better defence than offence, so rush them.

  3. The shadows break chance is a percent, and has the same chance of breaking a light as a heavy.

  4. Because of #3, just do heavy attacks.

  5. Each shadow only does one pattern of attacks, and will rarely change moves.

  6. 1000 point jagos will DP 98% of the time if you stand next to them when they are down. Knowing this makes them real easy to beat.

I used jago as an example, because if you beat all the jagos each day, then you are looking at over 10,000 points each day. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

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I have a (rhetorical) question:

What if the gold rewards get bigger and bigger and bigger each week?
I mean, this 10 days, IIRC, we get 50, 100 and 150 gold

What if the next week, instead a fixed increase of 150, we get an increase of 100? Then 200?

In two months, we could get, dunno, 2000, 2500, 3000 gold in 10 days

IMO it’s a good way to reward people who plays every day, and between this and shadow lab/shadow lords, doesn’t seem that grindy

Just throwing some ideas

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I agree. The mimmics will have taken longer than the shadows, if you unlocked all of them.

This is true, BUT…I’d say that there are a few secondary ways that are viable, though still they aren’t nearly as effective as farming 1,000 pt shadows.

1) Play Survival, but skip to the 1,000 pt shadows. It costs 200 SP to skip to the 1,000 pt Shadows, but if you win just 1 match you win back your investment. At that point, each win nets you 250 SP, and you can do this indefinitely.

A couple of days ago I did this and won 5 matches; that’s 1,050 SP, and that was enough to get my Daily Rewards too.

2) Play with friends. They changed the formula to level up Shadows in this last patch, meaning it is straight win record that counts towards what tier your Shadow is in. If you play with friends mostly, and your Shadow is good enough to rack up wins with them, then as you and your friend’s Shadow progress, you’ll get more SP out of each fight.

Say your Shadow is worth 250 SP, if your friend beats you, they net 250 SP for that win. AT THE SAME TIME THOUGH, a bounty match is created, and if you win that bounty match, YOU net 125 P. Do the math here. If you have a group of friends (lets say 5) who are all in the 1,000 SP tier and you are trading matches with them regularly, you can net 5,000 pts in one sitting, then net 500 pts in every bounty match…and those can go back and forth indefinitely.

So yeah, playing with friends can be VERY lucrative once your shadow levels up some.

(Shameless plug)

I’m assuming you mean “Shadows Skins” here, not Mimic skins.

I agree that daily rewards should be more. If you can fulfill all the requirements you should get at least 500 SP, maybe even 1,000, not just like 150.

I could get behind this, at the same time though I’ve already done most of the grinding for these so it is whatever for me personally.

It is kind of lame to win a match in Shadow Lords and only get like 30 SP. And likewise I think in Survival you should get bonuses for beating a certain number of Shadows in a row. That or instead of just getting 25% of what the Shadow is worth per win in Survival, you should get at least half of the SP worth of that Shadow, if not the full amount.

All in all, most of the SP payouts are pretty low right now. When I see Jago’s, and so many other’s, Shadow Skins worth 75,000 SP, but beating a Jago Shadow in Shadow Lords only nets me 30 SP, I start wondering if they system is rigged against me. (Lol! We all know these models are all geared more towards getting you to spend the money/KI Gold for those things, but I think they could strive to make it seem a bit more fair for sure.)

I think these are fine the way they are. As it stands now, you can skip all other matches and just play against Shadows if you want, so I see no reason to add more of the missions as you can play ONLY those if you choose to. That being said, I’d like to see more mission variants, than what is in there right now.

What do you mean by this? Dormant Shadows?

I think this here is the huge difference between how you and I see all this.

I haven’t gotten all my characters to lvl 50 yet, so playing Shadow Lords was pretty much going to be my way of doing that. Now that I can make a Shadow (and have a reason to stick with it out side of pride), I can fully dive into Shadow Lords to have fun playing with all the other characters and enjoy the grind of getting all my characters to 50, while unlocking Mimic Skins, and having fun earning Shadow Points by fighting Shadows in SLs and the Lab.

I agree that some SP costs and payouts should be reviewed, and I’m open to the Mimic requirements being looked at, but I think all in all they have a nice landscape laid out here. I think the biggest issue is how long it took to get here, and the fact that some have been grinding since day one. You have grinded all the characters to 50, now you have no secondary reason to grind for Mimic or Shadow skins. I mean sure there are all the dossiers and the like, but yeah, those aren’t the same.


I know that MS will never admit this, but the shadow /mimmic skins are high, so people will just buy them instead of grind them. Now if there are going to be buy only skins, then they need to lower the amount for the mimmic/shadow skins and make them unlock only.


I would agree with that

I think they should increase the amount of points per win your Shadow gets.

Agreed. The grind is absolutely absurd, as said before, in an obvious effort to try to get your money.

If they want to be pro consumer, they need to lower the hell out of the requirements and increase the hell out of rewards.

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I just wanted to pull this out and second it. When you realize that you have to win 100 matches against shadows in SL to earn the lowest priced skin or around 4000 matches against shadows to earn each of the highest priced skins it feels hopeless. There’s certainly no significant contribution if taking those fights.

It seems like the development of shadows and fighting your friends has the potential, but I will have to explore this a bit more.

For the sake of clarity, I’m not someone who feels that I am entitled to every skin just because I want them and I don’t object, in principle, to just buying the ines I want outright. But it seems arbitrary and very prohibitive to price some of these the way they have. I’d be curious to hear the reasoning behind which characters shadow skins are expensive and which are cheap. Is it inverse to the number of players or the number of shadows created with that character?

I could be wrong, but to me it looks like that the highest price ones are either most played characters, guest, or boss characters. That could also explain why some like Maya are so cheap

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I still just kinda wanna know why they keep giving Rash absolutely absurd “prices” for his costumes.

When I said I wanted him advertised more, I didn’t mean I wanted him to be the most costly character, geez.

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Also I should mention that it’s not wall to wall shadows in shadow Lords. In my current play through they didn’t show up until turn 7. So for a while I couldn’t even max out the daily loot.

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I just wanted to add that in like 2 hours of play last night, none of which was in Shadow Lords mind you, I netted more than 10,000 SP through direct challenges, bounty matches, and survival. In fact it kind of blew my mind how easy Survival was, going against 1,000 SP Shadows.

I lost on the 18th round, and netted 4,500 SP in that mode alone!


That’s really fuckign good! jesus

I’m sure there are plenty of people here who could do what I did, and most likely do better. In my book, I suck (lol!), but at the 1,000 SP level there aren’t than many Shadows to choose from, so you get repeats. I fought the same Mira (the only 1,000 SP Mira) like 3 times last night, once in direct challenge, and twice in the same Survival run. By the time I fought her in Survival, I had her number, and that goes for many other the characters. It only reason I lost was because I got chipped out in the end against that Jago pictured above.

These 1,000 SP Shadows, once you learn their habits, you can take them down fairly consistently (especially since many of them aren’t being updated it seems). Lol! It is kind of ironic that starting Survival at the 50 SP level is in some ways harder than the 1,000 level. With the 50s and 100s you get TONS of variety, and thus you don’t know what to expect. That can be good for actually learning the game and learning to adapt, but is definitely not the most lucrative way about doing things. With there being only like maybe 15 (?) 1,000 SP Shadows, you can learn all there habits, and learn to take them down pretty effectively.

My Shadow is still at the 100 SP level. Hopefully I can level him up to be effective at the higher tiers, that being said, I think my overall skill level is capped out in my stats. None of my percentages haven’t moved in like the last 20 saves which tells me that I’m pretty consistent in my play-style right now / I need to learn some new tricks.

Well, I’m off to watch some Rebello, DevilMayCare, and HK Smash videos. Lol!

Holy Bob Barker’s balls in a beaker.