This game is awesome. For $20 everyone should own this.


I agree. The difficulty is great. Easy enough to be doable, but tough enough to be entertaining for (potentially) hours. It’s a nice break from other genres. Although I’m not one for visuals, I enjoy the art style. Makes me feel like I’m a kid again watching Disney cartoons.

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I had it preordered, but I didn’t get off work until a little while ago, probably be playing it some tonight.

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i was watching a stream of cuphead and someone was having trouble changing his charm back to the default no charm. any ideas how? like he took the smoke bomb invincible dash but was dissatisfied with it and wanted to change back to his default dash but that was his only charm and it wasnt allowing him too take it off.

anyone know if h just didnt press the right button? anyone know what happened?

So I take it that means Cuphead is a kid/family-friendly game overall? At the same time it is a T-rated game?

i mean if your fine with those older betty boop/ popeye era older era cartoon style then yea

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SAY NO MORE. when i get cash ill buy it.

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You will be salty when you fight the bosses. Lol

I love how brutal the game is. One of the best couch co-op games imo.

No, I’m having the same difficulty. It looks like the only thing you can do is switch to a different charm. There’s no option to clear it to nothing.

I don’t have any problem showing this to my kids. There’s some gambling and I haven’t seen everything yet. But I’d be surprised if there was anything crazy in the game that most would consider wildly inappropriate.

Nice to hear good things about it especially the brutal difficulty. Cant wait to pick it up

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I wanted to get oin on the conversation when you posted this but I was temp banned for 3 days LOL

I bought the game last night and have been anticipating it for a year now. My fiancee and I have been waiting for the release and she promised she would play 2 player with me on stream. SO I should have a stream up tomorrow or sometime this week of our 1st blind play through together. It should be a lot of fun.
Ive read a lot of comments on the game that its “TOO HARD!” That worries me since she is a super casual player.
How far have you gotten and are you enjoying it so far? Is it too hard?

It’s hard than I thought. I was very salty when I fought bosses. Run & Gun is pretty fun, but it’s hard if you want to collect all coins.

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The game is much easier when played solo. Less distractions as you try to make jumps or dodge stuff as 2 charecters spraying bullets plus the added difficulty that comes with 2 player makes it very hard to see what your doing.

In case you wanted to play with your fiancé

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Cuphead is awesome!!
But don’t be mistaken, its a Dark Souls -ish difficult game !
I love everything about this game !!
Its kinda like the old days Donkey Kong with precise jumping. its very cool, bosses are pretty difficult but when you know the patern, ist not that hard. Learning the patern of the attacks is the most difficult part.
Gameplay 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
Price (20) 10/10
= This is a must buy / play !!!
Have fun :smile:

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Lol. Man how are you getting banned?

Anyway I’m 26% through and I wouldn’t say it’s crazy hard. It’s not as punishing as famous old games like mega man and I e been playing UN Squadron on SNES and it’s way harder. Some of that is because CupHead lets you start over right away in essentially the same spot. Plus, the fact that you are enjoying what the enemies are doing makes it less of a chore.

But for non-gamers it might be a rough go and it is harder with two people.

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I’ll never play Cuphead if it stays Xbone exclusive. (I know it’s on PC too, but my crappy laptop won’t be able to run it properly)
But I’ve watched a lot of let’s players on youtube playing it, and I love it’s aesthetics. The gameplay just makes me want to have a new Mega Man though…

the game is great.

It reminds of the time as a kid watching cartoons form the the old days, usually these were cartoons produced by WB on cartoon network (specifically cartoons that did not feature the famous loony toon characters, though those give off a vibe too.


It’s Ub Iwerks/Fleischer Studios inspired. Like it’s blatantly referencing those cartoons.

Skip too 3:38