CStyles45 joins Iron Galaxy as Community Manager!

Our very own @CStyles45 has officially joined Iron Galaxy as Community Manager!

Join me in congratulating him on his success! He’ll be fielding our balance questions and suggestions going forward, from my understanding. Hopefully we will get to meet DOPEITSTOM as well, but I’m not sure whether he’s a KI player already!


I think Dopeitston is the manager for other IG games, like Videoball.

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That was my understanding too, but doesn’t everyone deserve some exposure to Shadow corruption? :smiley:

Congratulations to @CStyles45. Looking forward to you as the new representative face of the Community.



Congrats @CStyles45

representing aganos!!! give em hell styles!!


Congrats CStyles45! Major props!

Congrats @CStyles45!!

You rock man!

Congrats @CStyles45!!!

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it! @SonicDolphin117 is correct. I will be everyone’s contact person for all things Killer Instinct. DOPEITSTOM will be handling all other Iron Galaxy projects. Not to say you won’t see/hear from him around here, just saying that you are to “@” mention me for all game related suggests/issues/nerfs/buffs etc and I will be the one who is passing them onto the appropriate Teams.

Thanks again!



Congrats sir :slight_smile:

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Congrats CStyles! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
How soon can we expect some Presley gamerpics?


Congrats Cstyles…never heard of Dopeitstom

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Amazing news, congratulations are indeed in order! =D

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@CStyles45 I’ll make your job easy. If anyone tries to give you crap or complains about anything related to KI or online connectivity, just send them this:

Haha, I owe the new community manager a big apology. I don’t like to get too many Twitter notifications so to keep things manageable I unfollowed a few ppl a while ago. CStyles was one of them, lol.

Let me join those who ahve replied before me on this thread in wishing @CStyles45 the best of luck as community manager along with DOPEITSTOM who will hopefully get involved too.

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HUGE congrats to @CStyles45 for the new gig! Congrats man, and best of luck to ya. Hope we don’t get on your nerves too much! :slight_smile: Same goes for DOPEITSTOM, no doubt.

Just out of curiosity though, and I definitely don’t mean to dump on the party… But does that mean that Rukari is no longer community manager or that he’s no longer doing stuff with KI? Sorry, I don’t mean to ask an improper question.

Or does this mean that the devs themselves maybe don’t want to interact with us as much? Mind you, I’m NOT accusing them of that by any means, I’m really just curious if there are any other changes beyond personnel.

If these questions can’t be answered though, I totally understand. I know there can’t be 1,000% transparency for everything, but I was just wondering what the changes mean, even as I’m thrilled to see one of us making the jump to the other side. :slight_smile:

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1.Gongrats cstyles!

2.rukari is still with us?

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