Crimson Fractured Ward - Available Now!

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Monday Evening? But today is Tuesday? Unless you mean next week.

I was gonna say first for the first time ever in my life.

But Now @Sasuke99I’s here…

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Git rekt m8


The next pack technically goes on sale Tuesday at 00:00 GMT. Or maybe 8:00 GMT. Either way, it’s Monday evening that this disappears.


Since I can’t seem to get a Killer Fractured Ward in any packs to save my life, this will be a welcome addition. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for the crimson :snake:. Cinder approves it :fire::thumbsup:

Cool. Kind of weird that it is weaker than the Killer by alot in terms of number of starting stacks and slightly weaker in terms of stats and max stacks but it does have 100% armor instead of 80% so I guess that kinda balances out a bit. The crimson color though is a must have, lol. Can’t wait for announcement of Crimson Tiger and Crimson Snake, but I’m hoping they boost their stats alot compared to their Killer versions to be more compatible with other Killer versions of other guardians that alone would be worth purchase for me.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

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Neat ‘3’ wonder what’s next, Crimson Snake?

If they are going by the guardian list in order, I’d bet a crimson ram would be next.

Following the guardian sequence, crimson ram is next.

Then I would hope Crimson Ram has regen. That’s my one gripe with Killer Ram, the lack of regen plus forced use of a charge limits it for me.

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I just found the dossier for the crimson exemplar.

Please!!! I need a crimson snake now