Creating the Music for Tusk

Celldweller and Atlas Plug take you into the studio for an exclusive look and listen on how they brought the music from the barbaric legacy character, Tusk, into the modern day.

Check out the full blog here: Creating the Music for Tusk - Killer Instinct


Seen it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But this may be the theme I want to hear the most. Wish there was more of the classic tune mixed in, but I’ll let it slide since it still sounds pretty damn great.

The best for last.

Saw it via YouTube, I actually like this one unlike the other 3 from Celldweller and Atlas Plug.

Wait why does Tusk’s theme get a real choir but not Arbiter’s?


Some games have amazing soundtracks, but there is always one or two songs which doesn’t fit well or aren’t great.

Thats not the case of KI, where ALL the music it’s SUPREME


Tey already have the choir call I’m sure, it’s just been recored into the keyboard but we have no way of knowing to be honest since it hasn’t been shown.

At any rate I have to say Tusk’s theme got me really PSYCHED the POWER behind it, WHoo!

This gave me chills down my spine. It was so goooooooood!

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I’m really excited to listen to the idle theme in full.

Oh yeah, can you imagine big stuff like mountains breaking?

Or fire raining from a blood red sky…

Yeah, I just imagined a large dragon fighting against an evil serpent, with a viking hero also beatin’ the ■■■■ of legions of undead!

EDIT: Also… Why on earth are thier not more bands using choirs? this sounds like it’d be an awesome genre on its own.

Dude… Go out and explore more music genres. There are TONS of bands doing this!
But well, it’s expensive to hire so many people to make up the choir.

EDIT: I just found the music Genre that may be similar to Tusks case: I think it’s called: Symphonic Metal?

I’m honestly that limited in music I listen to. Aside from music in video games I do enjoy funk, metal, hard-rock, Smooth Jazz, etc. Earth-Wind and Fire and Disturbed are 2 examples of some of my favorite bands.

I also enjoy some folklore and tribal music to. So I’m not that limited by taste. I’ve just never really herd of bands using choir in music. Would ya mind sharing a few examples since you seem to know of this :stuck_out_tongue:
or what genre I should be looking into?

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These videos are so great, I’m kinda disappointed they’re so short. I want to see more.

Wow, that was freaking great! I got more and more hyped for season 3 as they described their process. Also cool to see how they mixed his classic tune in and how they used the piano to map out how they wanted parts to sound, leading up to that sweet guitar part. The layering at the beginning was also really cool. Man, awesome video. Cannot WAIT to play on his stage! That whole thing hyped me up big time. :slight_smile:

OMG a real choir!!! :heart:

So…awesome…cannot wait for RKosmik’s mix…

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I have to admit, it’s starting to grow on me, how ever it’s still not what I hoped they were going to do for Tusk. I guess the best way I can describe it would be like wanting a raspberry/chocolate drizzled cheesecake & instead getting a huge steak. Both are good, great even, but you can’t just substitute one for another & be satisfied. Basically I would have preferred it to be more instrumental & no guitar…like at all…


I prefer the old heroic music from ki2.
Mick gordon should be here in season 3 T_T .
The music from glacius,combo, orchid , sabrewulf ,aria,kan_ra every one of these are unique, this season 3 all is metal and a littlepiece related to character. All music sound like generic metal .

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