Creating The Music For "Rash"

Celldweller and Atlas Plug take you into the studio for an exclusive look and listen to how they took the iconic Battletoads theme song and gave it the Killer Instinct “Ultra Combo” treatment.

Check out the full article here: Creating The Music For “Rash” - Killer Instinct


I clicked too fast : (

After being a little more patient for the upload, really loving the theme. Even though these guys aren’t MG, they seem to be doing a really good job. I’ve been a fan of Celdweller’s stuff for years, but hadn’t heard of Atlas before the KI announcement. I like the way they’re mixing the Battletoads music into a current-KI sound!

It’s really cool to be able to get a behind-the-scenes view like this; can we expect to see one of these for each theme they do throughout the season, since you’ve already noted there will be one for Kim Wu’s music next week?

Rash’s theme is amazing :smiley:

Awesome stuff

Huh so they arent just in it for the money and to get the job over with like the forums were saying yesterday.

They aren’t exactly Mick when it comes to teases but is it fair to compare? Great job boys! Let’s cut em some slack.


Awesome Job! They really captured the era and the attitude of battletoads.

Disgusting, the forums really said something like that? Or you mean the vocal minority?

Vocal miniority

Love! Nice job… sounds a bit Mario pipe world too lol

Aw yeah! Looks like they are doing music trailers now. Hope they drop teasers of new character themes in them like regular trailers.

That was a short video not all that different from the old one we got for Rash’s theme, but still nice.

Rash’s theme sounds great, but I’m not as convinced with the others (Specifically Kim and Tusks’). Nice to know we can look forward to another of these videos next week (and hopefully get the ones for Arbiter and Tusk before launch)

It’s allllmost like it’s a piece of a larger form video coming out at a later time.


I admit i was worried when we lost Mick Gordon, but these guys seem to be doing a good job of expanding the music selection and keeping that KI “feel”. Arbiter and Kim’s themes in particular sound really good and i cant wait to have a proper listen to them.

That’s cool then, looking forward to the compiled video by launch :slight_smile:

Ha nice try. There are more characters to flesh out. Unless we did multiple parts, but that’s why we are doing the smaller form vids.

Attempting to read between the lines, we’re seeing small pieces of a larger, “Season 3 Sounds and Music BTS” video, like the one we saw at some point last year? That would be awesome!

I can’t seem to find the video/link here on the forums to connect to, unfortunately.

(cough) Hint (Cough)

Im curios how the Character themes are going to work in S3 for those without stages, if there is only 3 of them, Would they even be in the game considering the music belongs to the stages and the dynamic element to them during gameplay.

Awesome to finally hear stuff from them about Season 3. :smile:
You can definitely hear the influences, while it still keeps up their own uniqueness and that KI feeling.

Makes me even more excited for Season 3 soundtrack!

y u so cryptic?