Creating The Music For "Rash"

Same reason why the Devs do it. It’s fun! LOL XD

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Translation…“Stay tuned”


Yeah, I’m not at all convinced that is going to work. Guess we just have to take it until we can convince them to make new stages down the road.

That theme is too dope! Very Crunchy jam! I love it!

This is a great look behind the scenes! Though I’m sure I have same question as everyone else: Where will this music show up in the game? With Rash not getting a stage, that gets rid of the most obvious answer.

Hey, some news on the audio team making tracks! I can’t believe I missed this post. Pretty cool, can’t wait to see how they are implemented into the game.

This was cool, I will definitely love to see more. The Rash theme sounds great. They are supposed to be encompassing various genres this season, as I love lots of different types of music, so I’m excited.

Awesome work.

I hope we get to see more of this, cause I really REALLY wanna hear Kims and Arbiters!

I’m hoping that the rest of the S3 characters that don’t have stages aren’t just getting themes for their trailers only. That would be a shame to me.

YES i love celldweller and atlus plug

cant wait to hear more from these guys

They’re definitely all getting themes, I doubt it will be just for the trailers.

How soon is this “later”? :stuck_out_tongue:
I like that they’re doing short teasers, I do want the entire Sound and Music BTS video if there is one.

One of your favorite artists is doing the soundtrack for your favorite fighting game of all time.

I honestly still can’t handle it.


Has it been discussed anyplace how the music will work for characters without stages.

Right now it appears that the music is tied to stages so for example regardless who I play as on the temple stage it’s always the same music.

This is dope to show how they come up with the themes… That riff he played was crazy

Yea not yet. Even in the upcoming stream we’ll have the build from Arbiter’s stream so no peek of the new UI or anything apart from Tusk’s gameplay being detailed.

Rash’s theme is pretty friggen awesome. I’d like to see full themes made available sooner, though.

I want to really hear the music of one of the a native KI character.

That part with the riff was the highlight of the vid. Everything else was seemingly rehashed from the other vid.