Creating the Music for "Kim Wu"

Giving you another sneak peek behind the scenes, Atlas Plug & Celldweller take you through their studios as they create the music for Kim Wu.

Check out the full piece here: Creating the Music for Kim Wu - Killer Instinct


Atlas Plug has a lot of creativity. I loved the idea of the lullaby taunt -> hip-hop smackdown.


I really love the amount of detail and background look they gave us in this one!

It’s cool to see the individual parts, but also see how it all meshes together.

The fact that some of the vocal part is taken directly from Korean culture is really nice; before this video I just thought it sounded really cool.


Wow, that was awesome. I really have faith that they can create an amazing soundtrack for season 3. Now I wanna hear the full version of Kim’s theme asap. :guitar:

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Sounds good, dudes!
So many layers to it. From traditional Korean instrumentals and vocals to hip hop and electronica with flavors of rock and metal for flair… It’s like the love child of Jago’s and Orchid’s themes and it’s freakin sweet.
Can’t wait to hear Arbiter and Tusk get their musical bits finalized revealed to us!

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And some people say S3’s soundtrack has no variety.

Holy crap, this video was awesome.


Cool to get more of these video blogs. I don’t think Kim’s theme is as good as Rash’s, but I still mostly like it.

A little sad our look at Kim’s hero art was through the monitor in the video instead of being properly shown here on the site :confused:


i love it!

That Kim wu theme is godlike!

Edit: I love Celldweller’s hair…

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dude, they need to redo fulgores music to this, but cut out the drum beat singing parts. It might become a little repetitive tho. Oh ya its celdweller BTW

Really enjoyed the vid. I love what they did with Kim Wu’s theme.

They did a splendid job!
I can’t wait to see what else they have to show us down the line!

It’s clear these guys are pros, talented, and know what they are doing. For the moment it feels Mick Gordon’s shoes are being filled. Their interaction with the fanbase is different from Mick, but we get to see direct studio footage instead of teasers. Not best, not worse, just different.


That was amazing! I noticed at 0:33 of the video, that background is grayed out. I think that is what it should look like during Ultras.

so far, i am really liking kim wu’s theme music. the chorus is fuckking sick, great job guys! it has a KI vibe feel to it for sure

That was cool! the Korean chic was really awesome! I like her guitar thing and she had great vibrato on those nylon strings…which is hard if you know anything about nylon strings.

So…she’s Korean. Aight.

pause on 5 seconds HERO ART! THERE IT IS!!! ADAM!!! D’X

Apart from the art, pretty sick vid there! Find it interesting how they incorporate a lullaby fused with hiphop/rap. :slight_smile:


Damn. Song sounds goooood.

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Great job guys.

I hope they will do something like that for Arbiter and Tusk. Especially Tusk, because it may become the Season 3 Hinamatoom.