Creating the Music for Arbiter

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.


Wow, you guys have really impressed me! Great job!

Actual Sangheli is just English played backwards with the pitch dropped, so technically he did do Sangheli right.


LOL I had to turn this down because of the noises XD

That’s funny! So technically Celldweller did do Sangheli! Look at that. He’s Fluent in it, and he doesn’t even know it. XD

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Point taken. :joy:

I was skeptical of these dudes at first, but they are doing great! I wonder how one theme in particular will come out… Hmmmmmm…


If we are thinking of the same guy, then it will be as magical as this one, minus the gibberish vocals of course :wink:

So they did use actual Sanghelli or not? I guess it won’t change my overall enjoyment of the game regardless, but it would be a good trivia inclusion if so.

In a way yes, because Sanghelli is just normal talking and grunts backwards at a lower tone.

I don’t know if I died laughing more from the Elite noises or them played backwards.

Let’s just say the one in my head has a military background…

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CHIEF! I KNEW IT! :fried_shrimp:

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I can’t wait for Tusk!

This might be my favourite of the new KI themes for season 3. It reminds me of Aganos’ (still the number one for me) in that it just sounds epic. Any chance we can have soundcloud/youtube previews of the music at some point soon like you guys did with the Rash trailer? Would love to listen to it in isolation.


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This is horribly ironic but…I am the most hyped for Arbiter’s theme and he isn’t a native KI CHARACTER!


Were it so easy


why not release a physical copy of the game For all us collectors. Include all the behind the scenes stuff in it as well!!! do it. Plus im still waiting to see stage ultras on season one stages the damn spider is hungry.

Awesome. I can’t wait for a soundtrack to be made available.

In the vocals I always hear rise up or raise up !