Creating the Music for Arbiter

Celldweller and Atlas Plug take you into the studio for an exclusive look and listen to how they “Killer-Instinct-ized” the iconic Halo character - Arbiter.

Check it out:


1st post!!!


Unfortunately this has the unintended side effect of showing just how fake the choir sounds. I couldn’t really tell when listening to the final track but now that I’ve heard it by itself it’s kind of hard not to notice…

the key board has a very old Casio 1990 sound as well. Still pretty good overall though.

I heard raisin.

I was going to post first, but decided to watch the video :wink:

The theme sounds great! I can’t wait to hear the full track on release!

LOVE seeing these “Creating the music for…”

There has been new content for S3 every single day. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Will give it a listen when I get off work.

Yes finally.

Wow! Truly amazing!
And we were worried they weren’t taking this job seriously. Bravo you two!

Though the Halo lore community might not be happy about Celdweller not using actual Sangheli :laughing:


DUDE. This was cool.

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So Awesome! So glad they are putting these out. I am really loving Season 3’s soundtrack :heart_eyes:

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LOL I just thought about this. We need to keep this video away from them. XD


I wonder what’s more expensive - paying these guys to do a song or building a new stage?


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guys what is that stage in 0:30?

Unfinished Arbiter stage.

At the same time we see an unused animation in which arbiter stabs the opponent with his sword and then uses his foot to push him out. Im kinda sad to see that removed, that animation looked awesome!

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You guys are making it SO SO SOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN hard to wait for a season 3 soundtrack to buy!

I seriously might just sit in a versus match against a bot and leave Arbiter’s theme playing just to hold me over until a soundtrack drops on amazon.

I liked most of it, but couldn’t really connect with the made made up Sanghelli stuff. I would’ve liked them to coordinate with 343i for something more authentic source material if they have it (at least from the studios point of view).

Overall it does relay the Halo vibe so down with it.