Crazy Dream

You may think I am crazy, but I literally just had a hell of a dream, it was about TJ Combo. It Seemed he was Kissing someone, when I went deeper, it turned out Mizumi Han was the victim of the stolen kiss before Jago jumped in and they went wild fighting over her. Why are my dreams getting even more Warped, it’s like Omen got inside my head giving me these dreams

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Omen and Gargos are confirmed actually going to invade the earth.Apple is confirmed secretly Ultratech. Aria is going to save the human race!

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There’s actually already a thread for this:-

Also, come back and talk to be about “crazy” when you’ve had night terrors, sleep apnea, sleep walking/talking and intense recurring nightmares. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any of them KI-related? :wink:

There’s one I listed in the KI related dreams thread, I can’t really recall anything since then, though. My fella did say about a month ago, I shouted him into the room, he was really concerned and asked what was up and I rambled for a while before mentioning something about “combo damage” apparently. (I have very little memory of that.)

Also apparently a few weeks back I’d gone downstairs in my sleep to look for the cat, came back up, opened the computer room door, stared at my fella for a few minutes, mumbled something incoherent about the cat and promptly went back to bed as soon as I realised what I was doing.

It’s all fun and games, or at least that’s what I tell myself. (and my fella!)

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