Crazy...allowing a character like Gargos

Full screen combos…full screen zoning? constant punches… minions that don’t go away unless you hit them. Problem is between blocking combo openers and trying to do that, good luck not losing half a bar. Really, no one thought… you know maybe there should be a time limit on a shadow move??

That’s not enough though… Give him air attacks, keep him off the ground where any opponent can willingly start a combo. (Good luck Jago). Not to mention, why not just zone Jago full screen? Everybody already does. He has no shadow to counter a full screen zone. All he can do is block helplessly in a corner. If he jumps forward to try a heavy windkick just move back one dash, he’ll miss… and if he comes close, fly away back to the other side.

Still having trouble? Easy… Just light up your instinct… If not having extra help that stops opponents from opening combos or your ability to open combos full screen isn’t enough, just tap that instinct and keep jump light punching him. Since you have complete armor from anything all he can do again is block so keep doing this and eventually he’ll try to grab (again completely helpless move because Gargos was created not to have any counters), then you’ll be able to pick him up and punch him a couple times, perhaps lock him out into a new combo.

So, there you have it…Invincible Gargos. Created with f**k all season 1 characters in mind.

Incredible how he never wins any major tourneys, isn’t it?

Weaknesses: While Gargos is very effective when he has control of the match, he has among the worst defense in the game. His large size means he is often a big target during pressure and while he is airborne, and he has no viable reversal except instinct activation, which means he relies on his minions to hassle his opponents and interrupt their pressure and combos. If you can break through and knock Gargos down while he has no minions active, he is in big trouble.


He win at Evo 2016…


Now that’s a counterpoint.


Arbiter, Gargos. And it’s telling Sleep hasn’t played Gargos in tourneys for a while, or at least, I haven’t seen him play Gargos.


Here we go. Did you play as Gargos? If not, that is a great way to learn how to beat a character. Minions do little damage and he needs them as his defense sucks. Why not zone Jago at full screen? It builds Jago meter and he can block it until he builds enough meter to do a shadow fireball or something. Also why jump foward to do a heavy windkick? Good Jagos don’t close the distance by doing full screen windkicks. They play patiently. Also instinct doesn’t prevent the opponent from starting a combo. He can’t block in instinct and grounded heavies bypass the armor so he can’t do anything without wasting his instinct. Also command grabs are usually throw invulnerable. So there you have it…another thread where someone who doesn’t know how to defeat a character can now learn how to. Created with ■■■■ all salty rants in mind :stuck_out_tongue:


OP, do you want actual advice on how to beat Gargos, or do you just want to rant?

We’ll give you the advice if you want it. But if you’d rather just say half-truths without the full picture because it makes you feel better, just let us know so we can let the thread die. Thanks in advance.

As an aside, I think Jago does pretty decently against Gargos. But if your gameplan is jump forward then heavy wind kick, you’re going to struggle.


I agree Sasuke99I. While a good Gargos is incredibly tough, he has stupid weaknesses. Keeping him pressured pretty much ruins him.

I had a guy bust instinct on me during one match, and I footsweeped him into oblivion. Any character that can lose by mere repeated foot sweeps isn’t OP.

A shadow fireball…or something. Does a shadow fireball open a combo? Is that what a Jago player is relegated to if this were a fair fight? His one and only means of opening a combo from that distance is a heavy wind kick, and even that is 50/50. You can whiff even dashing forward trying to time it between a combo opener. Not only that, but you can also PUNCH jago out of a windkick (his only opener)…

LOL Indulge me. Tell me how you manage to open any meaningful offense when being full-screen zoned with minions.

It does do the same, if not, more damage raw than a LVL 4 portal punch combo

Er, walk and block? Get in?

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Hmmmmmmmm did you read the manual?

That’s not true. Laser Sword is an opener. Not everything is a downside. Come on man…

Lol I should have stopped reading at jump > heavy wind kick as Jago’s only option at a distance against zoning.

No thread will become worthwhile after that in an opening post… Right? =S


Considering how the forums have been a little dry lately, these are actually sort of refreshing for us in a horrible way.


Ahem I quote a KI taunt

“Have you tried the dojo?”

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Looks like we have a winner. :slight_smile:


You know, there are a thousand videos online of people fighting against Gargos. You could watch those and figure it out rather than embarrassing yourself here.

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