Can someone please explain how to start the crafting process? I have tons of items in my inventory and have no idea on how to even start creating a new item. There was no instructions on how to do this. Can someone help?

Random items appear every “day”/Turn in Kan Ra’s store. You can only craft these items during that turn.
If you have enough items, simply head to the store, highlight the item you want to craft and press A on your controller. You should hear an audio clip from Kan whenever you craft an item.

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Hello DoobyDude23!. thank you so much for the clarification on that. You mean to tell me that you have to wait for a turn to get to Kan Ra’s store? I thought you can just click on the Emporium and start your shopping. Maybe I’m confused on how the crafting works because there are some items that I can click on that Kan ra says ‘yes that one is good’ but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing as crafting. Can you please give me extra clarification?

The shop is always there, but what you can craft is random. So unless you’re just overstocked on items, you might not find what you’re after every time you hit the shop. I’ve played soo much I had enough resources to make 100-200 of every consumable and then I’ve just never used em lol…

Hey SullenMosquito!!
I believe what I’m really after is a way to get Kan ra to give me missions that way I can form or requit eyedol!! I have read other forums about how you can somehow probe through crafting a way that his missions will come up a lot more random versus if you do not craft. t
This is why I’m trying to learn the first step in how to do it

Oh, go to the dossier menu, find eyedol and hit reset story, should be X. That way you can do the Eyedol missions again.

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Okay this may seem like a strange question but exactly where is the Dossier menu??..
is it somewhere will you first activate the game

Nah, its inside Shadow Lords, in the Collection section (I’m not sure what its called in the game). I believe you can find the option to reset Eyedol’s under his name in the Characters section of that menu.

Okay! I will absolutely go ahead and search for that I will be in touch shortly. thanks guys!

Open Shadow Lords, Make your Team, when you can choose, World Map, Emporium, Archives, Select Archives. There you can find all the dossier info, guardian stuff you’ve collected. Do character dossiers then select Eyedol, then X to reset his story, you can reset any characters story to replay their missions if they have a story.

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I still have the same dilemma! Kan Ra’ has not given my any special request for Eyedol at all. I have not connected how the Dossiers are a link to the story of Eyedol. He is also not unlocked yet. I feel as though Im just playing thru the turns. And fighting stronger opponents but no game plan to recruit or run into Eyedol. Can someone give tips?? You can only craft what is available by Kan Ra…You cannot pick any item in inventory. Can someone please give me some light on this??

I think you have to beat Gargos once for the quest chain to unlock or something, I did it ages ago, I don’t remember how exactly it starts but it’s like 7 or 8 quests in sequence. Might have to finish some characters story’s like Kim Wu, Tusk and them.

The quest line pops up at random during your playthroughs. It starts with a mission titled “Kan-Ra’s Request”. You have to fight Eyedol four times before choosing to recruit him in to your team. Be careful, because there is also a choice to kill him and picking that will not unlock Eyedol in Shadow Lords. You also have to make the right choices after each fight to get all his parts together.
I don’t think you need to craft anything to get this, maybe just beat Gargos once on any difficulty.
EDIT: Yeap, need to beat SL at least once to see the special quests.

Speaking of which, how do I get Kilgore’s quest? Already beat Gargos once.

For more clarity

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Hey Doobydube23!!
a genuine thanks for the extra info my man. I’m wondering if there’s a guide in order to walk through kan ra or regular story mode questions in order to be able to construct unlocking Eyedol. I know that I’ve ran into a lot of questions with characters and missions which probably could have misled me to getting what I’m after. is there a guide that we can look up?

If you want to know which specific missions, once you get to (or after, I’m not entirely sure) “Kan Ra’s Request” there will be an indicator of how many missions are in the questline next to the name of the quest. Like if the questline has 4 missions like this one does and you’re playing the first mission, there will be a (1/4) next to the name, (2/4) for the second mission and so on.
After each of the missions in the questline, you will get a dialogue with a choice to make. I don’t remember the exact choices, but I remember going with whatever option sounded like it would let me keep Eyedol’s parts.