Counter-breakers not counter-breaking

Every once in a while I’ll have a fight where I swear the counter-breakers don’t work (at least for me), and this isn’t because I’m guessing wrong either. I often correctly anticipate that my opponent is going to combo-break on my AD, so I bate it with the AD, and press the buttons to perform the counter-breaker only to be combo-broken anyways as if I never even pressed thed buttons in the 1st place. I chalked this up to guess-breaking on their part (and as such they’re performing their combo-breaker before I perform my counter-breaker, according to the game). So, to counteract this, I have gotten in the habit of not doing the AD at all; I simply start the combo and immediately counter-break. More often then not, this is a successful strategy to lock them out. However, every once in a while, I’ll perform a counter-breaker and then see that my opponent locks out, but without the whole “COUNTER-BREAKER!” yell, flash, and effect. When that happens, it’s the worst, because it feels like I guessed correctly and got the lockout, but the lockout immediately disappears, so I don’t get the benefit (no 3 seconds of combo-punishing whatsoever) and my opponent can then punish ME due to my “wiffed” counter-breaker. Why does this happen? I wanted to get a general consensus from you guys (and gals) to see if you have experienced something like this at all and, if so, what you think may be the cause of it, so please let me know what you think. I personally think it’s a lag issue, but don’t know for sure. For example, to tech a throw, you have to press LP+LK at the same time they do - it’s generally a guess too and not a reaction (I don’t think you can be fast enough to react to it, but I could be wrong about that as I don’t know the frame data on throws), but every once in a while, because of lag (I assume), I can still tech a throw even though the throw has already started - I feel like the counter-breaking issues I’m having are kind of like that…

So again, what do you guys (and gals) think? Do you think it could be lag? Simply bad timing? A game mechanic I might be missing/forgetting about? What? I’d like some input regarding this.


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I always seem to press the buttons a bit too late. I think I’m attempting to press the buttons at the same time as the combo-break attempt, when I should be pressing them just before such an attempt. I guess I’m just too terrified of purposefully dropping the combo and what consequences I’d face if I guess wrong? This is an aspect of my play that I really need to work on.

There are actually bugs that prevent your counter breaer input from coming out until the end of your shadow move even though you activated say on the 1st hit from the 5.

Example: Pick Glacius and do a short combo with enough room in the KV meter after a wall splat ender. After the wall splat, input shadow cold shoulder and immediately do counter breaker. The counter breaker doesn’t get activated until after all 5 hits from the shadow cold shoulder hit. By then, you could’ve made a proper read and tried to counter break but the bug prevented you so and your opponent gets a free combo breaker with out worrying about getting counter broken.

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While I appreciate your input, @C88TexAce, I never said a thing about counter-breaking shadow moves - in fact, I almost never counter-break on shadow moves, so although it may be an issue that’s worthy of discussion, it’s not necessarily what I was referring to.

Perhaps @TheKeits or @Infilament can shed some light on this. But my understanding is that the active frames for your counter breaker is based on how long your opponent is in hit stun, as such the window for a Heavy auto double bait is longer than a medium or a light. This may have something to do with what your experiencing. It also could very well be lag, I think with combo breaking and counter breakers in particular monitor lag can play a big role. I know that my combo breaking and counter breaking time is significantly off when I go to my brothers house and play matches with him on his laggy 60+ inch TV versus playing at home on a smaller tv with less lag.

Is this after an opener? I’m pretty sure unless you mash counter breaker to get it out on the first frame there is a tiny window where someone mashing combo breaker can lock themselves out.

Did you by any chance get some videos of this? I would like to see how it looks while in-game.

Hmm, Seems like it could be lag.
If you’re able to get a video sometime soon, I’d be able to get a better idea of it

I’ve seen it happen, and it’ll happen to me sometimes. Basically, they’re breaking 1 or 2 frames before you get your Counter Breaker input on, locking themselves out, and causing you to miss your Counter.

It’s rare that this ends up happening, but it happens enough to me that I recognize it. Find one of those games and then watch the fight replay frame by frame at that point. You’ll see he locked out before you broke.

Personally I feel like there should be a 1 frame window where a Counter Breaker can catch a Combo Breaker. Meaning that if you try to guess break me on frame 0, I can Counter Break on frame 1 and still catch your lockout guess as a counter. Literally 1 frame though.

You’re pressing counter breaker too late when this happens.

If you press your counter breaker 1 frame after your opponent tries to break, one of two things will happen:

  1. Your opponent did the right strength, and you get broken. Your counter breaker input is ignored, because he broke before you counter broke.
  2. Your opponent did the wrong strength, and gets locked out. Your combo is still going on while he’s locked out, so your counter breaker input is accepted, which means you immediately drop the combo and your opponent’s lockout disappears (because you aren’t in a combo anymore).

Sometimes maybe lag plays a factor in you counter breaking “later than you thought you did”, but in general, you need to input counter breaker before your opponent breaks (obviously). All the things in your first post are happening because you counter broke after your opponent tried to break.

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Thanks for the input, Infil!

I’ll see about getting those videos for the rest of you who would like to see what I’m talking about. :wink:

I’ve had this same issue before in this situation i find it most common.

I grab my opponent > Shadow laser sword > cancel into Counter-break before the First hit.

My opponent gets a lock out and my counter break doesn’t activate and I’m always sitting there baffled like how. everyone always puts it down to my opponent attempting to break too early well why didn’t they get the yellow lock out before my Counter-break then. they clearly got lock out after the Counter break attempt and yet didn’t get punished for it

It’s one frame before. You’ll hear the lockout after the attempt, but he broke before

Yea this happens alot to me offline actually. Just a timing thing I’ve gotta work on…

so I’ve recorded this video bacause I’m pissed already with new Season 3 Counter Breakers.

Previously counter breaker was successful if its window overlaps with combo breaker window. But now it looks like counter breaker has to be entered before combo breaker. Which can be hard online.
Better not to use them if they were nerfed that way

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i noticed the same thing just now. i was playing online with a friend and the amount of counter breakers the game didn’t give me is off the charts. i’m sure i guessed right, because i do thunder’s shadow call of the earth and then after the opponent gets launched in the air i do a medium or heavy punch cancelled into sammamish as he is falling back down. well, i press counter breaker the exact moment after the medium/heavy punch (it’s hard to explain it by writing it on a forum, but believe me, i press the two mediums instantly after the punch) and still get combo broken or, like in your video, he gets locked out but i whiff my counter breaker so i eat a big punish.

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Dude, you already posted a thread about this. Did you really need to necro another thread on the same topic? Also, three highly knowledgeable people responded to that thread. Personally, I’ve had zero problems with counter breakers. Unless one of the devs wants to come on here and say something’s wrong, I tend to doubt there’s a problem.

Either way, best of luck to ya! :slight_smile:

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