Could we get a ''Character Tutorials'' for KI?

Hey guys since the start of Season 3 i’ve been trying out the new characters in the practice mode, but i’ve been wondering: why there isn’t any character specific tutorial style mode?

As you all know in the Dojo they teach you the ways of KI playing but only using Jago and his move set. But what if there was a mode where they teach you the basics for every playable character.

Example: Show you how to start Tusk’s combo or how to use TJ Combo’s nerfed tremor move in a new way.

I know you can already do those things in pactice mode but it would be nice to have a ready tutorial for character that you want to use.

Please write down in the comments on what to you think about a ‘‘Character Tutorial’’ mode for Killer Instinct.

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Every mechanic is explained to you in the current Dojo mode.

Its up to you to train with your character and learn the special properties of each move.
This is called “labbing” and is a fun process to lean new “tech”.

Doing that multiple times is how you get good with a character. Even if there was a Character tutorial, there would still be creative ideas you could learn for yourself. Instead of limiting those creative ideas, and encouraging everyone to just follow the character tutorial, its best to just let people develop the good habit of “labbing” by themselves.

If you still arent satisfied, then ask for some help on the forums, we have people willing to train with you.

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I think that you can still have both without any sort of tutorial destroying the need for quality time in the lab.

Dojo mode for everyone has been requested since season one and with good reason, but even that can’t fully replace labbing by any stretch of the imagination, so I think OPs idea makes sense.

It’d be great to be able to sit down and get a basic run through for that specific character starting with what they can do and what it means in to their more advanced stuff. I wouldn’t mind that; a sort of starting point or road map to the tools, so that any player can go in and do some damage, but also getting the player thinking about more complex ideas with the character, since they’ll have those basic to mid level building blocks to really begin grasping more advanced ideas, which is where the lab comes in.

I could see that being highly beneficial, especially to those just starting out.