Costume and Cosplay Thread!

As inspired by @KevBones10
This is a thread dedicated to all things dress up. Whether it be Halloween or Comic Con or whatever, here is a hub for people to post their handiwork!

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I don’t have halloween costume now! But I will get my scary mask for next week.

My first cosplay is Robot Smoke! :smiley:

I went to Expo Con at Memphis 2015 and it’s fun!


dude, i have a ton of cool costume pics. I’ll have to dig up some of my old pics from my band playing Halloween shows where I dressed as Jason from part 6.
Plus my Michael Myers collection :slight_smile:


My sister left her kigurumi here when she moved to japan, soooooo…now it’s my kigurumi :stuck_out_tongue:


Alrighty, might as well contribute to my own thread:
My girlfriend and I have matching costumes for the upcoming Halloween. We’re going as Barbarian Warriors, inspired partly by fantasy and real “barbarian” cultures that we happen to have family ties to, namely Nords, Celts, and Scotts.
Here’s a preview selfy.


@TheNinjaOstrich @Sasuke99I @MandrillManiac @PVXenoraptor @oTigerSpirit

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Are you serious? Do you expect me to wear a Haloween costume? Filthy casuals. No one wears costumes. People where masks Kappa. I’ll where by batman mask Haloween.

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My scary mask is here!! Wanna see my scary costume? :smiley:

That’s the whole reason this thread exists! Show off thine costume, Kev!

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LOL! Dude, it’s joke! XD I will show you my scary costume, of course!

Give me few minutes. I will post it soon!

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What do you think about my costume? :slight_smile:


So, a little update: My girlfriend is performing in a Halloween community theatre thing, and there’s a costume contest. So I’m going to be going there with the thing I made, and hopefully get some more pictures for the thread :smiley:

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Cool! My parents and me will go to my friend’s house for halloween costumes party! :smile:

I can’t wait to see children scare of my costume… :smiling_imp:

I should probably clarify: The event I’m going to with the theatre thing and the costume party is actually tonight :stuck_out_tongue:
So expect stuff in the near future.

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These all ideas ae just amazing, I will pick one of from them for this year’s halloween.