Cornered by the toad

So I just played against a top 32 who used Rash, so obviously they got skills. That aside, I was cornered and whatever he was doing, it seemed I had no way out whatsoever. Almost like, dare I say, it was broken?

What do you do in the Rash corner vortex?

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I’'m not a high level player, but as a tip I can say if you can trick him with a wake-up knockdown, Rash doesn’t really have any wake up options other than Shadow Boot and sometimes L Boot. This could you the opportunity to get out of the corner and back in middle field.

not much apart from Shadow Counter or interrupt with light jabs. Good Rash players are pretty tight with the timing of their inputs and there’s a lot of times when it seems like there is no punish but its just that the timing is more precise.

Watch out for the overhead, they would use it. Also it’s not weird they will try to throw you (Rash’s throw has long range). Shadow countering seems good but as I said watch out for throws. Not sure what character you use, but if you can you should use a reversal (or Shadow reversal if invincible) in between gaps if possible, or a fast normal to poke out and counter hit. Easier say than done.

Also learn how to punish wreck ball with a heavy normal to not let Rash push you. Take into account you can also break a normal after the “tongue move” for instance: if he connects the tongue and follows with the medium kick cross up (the most common) you will be able to break it with mediums.

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This will help me quite a bit. Thanks!


What character are you playing? It might also help to share what the Rash was doing or even use the Xbox one tools to record your replay and share it with us.

Some characters have anti-air that is very effective against Rash’s corner vortex while others require tight timing and better reads and a few basically can’t anti-air him at all.

Obviously great players will make you feel helpless in a lot of situations (that’s their job), but one of the things to keep in mind about Rash is sometimes the timings are a little bit tight - so don’t give up if you try something that should work and it doesn’t. It may just be a timing issue.

As a Rash main, personally I prefer to think that you should try to “respect his meter” so just be careful after a knockdown. Otherwise, Rash isn’t exactly the safest on getup so you can try and bait him a Throw, or use crossups. To make more sense of the situation, who do you use to fight this player?

Aiming for the whole cast honestly but I’m new. So far in order of skill Fulgore, Glacius and Spinal. In that particular match I was Fulgore.

A wakeup DP sounds nice on paper, but, it wasn’t working. Rash obliterated me. Yeah I need to take advantage of recordings.

Block for your life basically, but you’ll probably get dunked. Rash is extremely dangerous in the corner if the player is skilled. If your character has one, mashing DP isn’t a bad option sometimes either.

Wat do with Mummy-Man in the corner though. rip lol.

One of the challenges to mashing DP is that most of the KI DP moves have some horizontal movement so they can be crossed up and Rash is often crossing up in the corner. So you need to DP early if you want to hit him.

Stay out the corner for one…

2… when you know he is going for the Air ball dash under it or slide under it. Dont just stand there and block it.Stay on the move when they are air balling all the time.

  1. If you do block the air ball immediately hit Down HP… it will catch him before his frog leg kicks connect and knock him down. then you can cross him up or escape.

4, be ready to tech throw after the frog legs or toungue zip. you know the spot he likes to throw after…so tech it,

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I think partly it’s that I don’t fight Rash often so he catches me off guard. Also he requires a slightly different reactionary skillset, sort of like Hisako does except obviously entirely different, but again, unlike Hisako, I never fight Rashes.

I should probably fight a Kyle Rash a bit and practice these things. Thanks.

NO kyle Rash! GO to Shadow lab and pick the highest ranked Rash Shadows! I forbid you to practice against KYLE RASH! lol

Or invite someone from the Rash thread here on the forums to fight in a lobby

Lol. But I want my 30k points for a Fulgore skin!

Do you have a Rash shadow? If so, mind if I friend you to freebie fight it?

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As a general rule, don’t play against the computer to practice for fighting humans. The Kyle AI doesn’t behave even remotely like a human, and the lessons you learn won’t be very applicable at all. Find a Rash player or, failing that, fight Shadow Lab Rashes instead.

No prob, but I usually forget that proyectiles are openers (I don’t know what the tongue is really…but well). For instance when you are getting mixed by Fulgore after a knock down and he throws a fireball that connects and teleport to try overhead or medium kick you might react to it if you are expecting and break it (I’m not talking about guess breaking but at least it’s easier to react to that overhead and break it than breaking a light in that scenario).
Same as Mira and Maya, some players would connect dagger/bats and jump with a heavy to reach you and start a combo, you can break that to get out of the situation =)

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As a glacius main I also struggle when cornered by rash, any tips?

If puddle punch doesn’t work I can’t help