Cornered by the toad


Thank you very much for this one :grin:


Yeah it used to get me every time and finally i asked around and I was told by @STORM179 that this would work. It still took me a while to get the timing down but once I got it worked 90% of the time.


So, seriously guys. What should I do in the corner as Kan-Ra? Cause I do the real confuse. I can land those shadow counter, I’d say that’s my best strength.


If you get stuck as Kan without sand, you’re pretty much SOL. Kan’s got nothing to really challenge Rash with once he’s been locked down in the corner.

If you do have sand, I’d recommend sandsploding on the first wicked tongue follow-up that you see. As ever, that move is fantastic for shutting down aerial approach options, and the life trade is worth it considering your other alternative is to try and block it out.

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Sure thing. My current tag is xOutlaw2002x.

I haven’t tweaked my Rash Shadow in a while, but I have a hard time trying to beat it.


How about Hisako? (I’m definitely picking her up, almost as good as my Kan-Ra already)


Against Rash corner pressure? I mostly try to block it out until I can scout the overhead, and I make sure to represent counter on wicked tongue follow-ups in general so that they don’t get too cheeky. will also pretty much always stuff a wicked tongue approach, but in the corner it can be hard to react to some of that stuff so you wind up getting dunked. She’s got options, but make no mistake - Hisako doesn’t want to be stuck in the corner against Rash either.

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I can usually keep my cool in all situations, so as long as I learn what to counter and stuff, I should be good right?. Well… Except when you drop the combo when your both in Danger.


Well, yes and no. Remember: counter is non-screen freeze situations is (almost) always a guess, and guesses can be right or wrong. If you read low and Rash hits you mid, you lose. If you read overhead and he goes low, you lose. If you counter and he throws you lose, and if you counter and he does instant-air tongue you lose. Counter has massive, gaping holes in its abilities, and good players will exploit them relentlessly.

You’re usually better off using the threat of counter than you are countering, which is why I often mention “representing” it early in a fight. You want them to be afraid of counter so that you don’t have to rely on it, because relying on it will often get you killed. Make them afraid of counter, and then use that fear to hit you to take your turn back.

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Wakeup DP vs rash you should use the light version. Cr Hp is pretty good against him too. Meeting rash in the air is also a good option because Fulgore jump Mp is very good.


Oh, I probably should have said “block, throw, tech throws, etc.,” instead of “Stuff”. I completely agree with setting the stage early on the counter’s. Making your opponent afraid to connect hits grants you a window for command grabs, jump out-ins, pokes, grabs etc.
Thanks again!

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