Constructive Feedback on the new level 4 ender effect

Wow this post is getting long. Sorry.

First of all, I love the idea of the new ender effect. You guys have done an awesome thing with the blackout. I do think there’s a place for the effect. I do not think that place is on level 4 enders.
To get straight to my suggestion: I think the blackout should occur only during a level 4 SHADOW ender. (Aka level 5 ender).

My logic:
-This way, we can still get the old shadow ender if we want (by using it as a Level 3 or lower ender.) In other words, we won’t be losing anything.

-It’s a shadow ender! It makes sense to allow it to blackout the screen at its highest level (because shadow!) If getting rid of the purple ink effect is the only way, I think that’s okay. We could just say that instead of channeling shadow power, they momentarily become one with it (hence the blackout.)

-Level 4 shadow enders are the most damaging. This new effect is a little too dramatic for a regular ender.

-Shadow enders don’t have those ‘1-2-3-SMACK’ dynamic combo ender animations which the new effect interferes with.

Some of us just love that powerful finish of those level 4 regular enders. I felt that was diminished by the new effect. Look at the regular level 4 damage ender for Glacius, for example. You can almost feel that last bone-jarring uppercut as it shakes the camera. I don’t feel that as much with the new effect. However, If the screen were to blackout on the shadow version of his level 4 damage ender, I’d appreciate the cinematic effect a lot more, and I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing out on any special animations. It would just look like a powered up version of the same shadow move he hits me with when I’m trying to jump kick him.

What about Omen, who has no shadow ender?! - I’d say apply it to Demonic Despair.

What does everybody think?

Edit: To meet any goal of rewarding level 4 regular Enders, I suggest maybe adding a little more camera shake. Perhaps a tiny bit of slowdown for some moves.
Any change to level 4 enders we currently have (S2) should be subtle. It seems like most of us love a good high impact feeling from those enders. Too much fancy camera motion isn’t needed on these, IMHO.

Edit 2: Additional feedback/pros & cons:

People seem to be admiring this gif. There’s a subtle camera swing and that delicious camera shake on the second fireball. This would be nice, but it’s just an example of what many seem to like. Not too dramatic but powerful nonetheless.

I’m not comparing these to disrespect the new effect or displaying it in mockery. The new effect might not be polished. I’m only showing that missing “Oomph” on the second fireball.

There is a fantastic drama to the blackout. But I think a maxed out shadow ender is more deserving of that drama. As a shadow ender, they could turn the mist dark purple and it would feel great, I think.
One thing I do like about the new effect is the fresh angle we experience. I never knew Jago throws from each hand on this ender! However, for some moves of some characters there was a ‘sharp zoom in + camera swing + sharp zoom out’ which many have described as “jarring” or “disorienting”.

I love the goal with this effect. With a bit of redirection, and the polish we’ve come to appreciate from IG, I think this effect could really turn up the juice on KI gameplay.
Remember though, as Keits has said many times, they can’t just flip a switch to make things happen. If this change is even considered, it may be a while before we see it happen. Be optimistic, you guys. S3 is right around the corner! :grinning:


I liked your opinion, indeed, on my first reaction I thought it was already Shadow Ender

Great suggestion, Archon879. Compared to what was already there, the new effects just seem out of place. They start abruptly and finish abruptly, and the slowdown in animations takes away from visceral feel that was. Not to mention quite a few of the enders just look plain bad…

I personally wouldn’t want it in the game in its current state. In fact, I don’t think I want it in the game at all; I just don’t the see the point.

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I couldn’t agree more with a post.
I think also that, with the effect put the way it is now, it would happen too often (at least vs cpu).
I really liked the fact that KI had not super moves with distracting dramatic camera changes…not too often at least (just Shago at now).

Even better would be the way @Archon879 suggests, plus an option to disable entirely the effect, but we know this will not happen.

Yeah I agree with the op, I think that have this effect for level 4 shadow enders would be best.

Also a level 4 shadow ender is technically a level 5 ender, so it could make a little more sense imo.

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That could definitely work. I was also thinking that they could use the animation if you do a level 4 ender that does enough damage to end the round. Still a good idea though…

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Guys, what we saw is likely not final. The first time they showed the new purple shadow move effects, for example, they looked different and worse than they do now. I’m sure they showed it yesterday not only to brag and hype things up, but also get feeback and change things around.

I am in complete agreement with the OP. I think these extra animations should be reserved for level 5 enders only (ie. level 4 shadow enders) and should not take any longer than a regular shadow ender did.

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Shadow Enders are typically a waste if meter and level four shadow Enders especially so. If they take this advice you will essentially never see the effect.


Sorry for not being more constructive, but other than polishing it up a bit, making sure the camera effect works properly and such… I don’t want it changed.

I think it’s a freaking awesome new feature!


I agree. I think there are a few where they might adjust the camera angles. Honestly, the grounded Enders seem to work best when the camera stays mostly in the normal view. But I liked orchids knee and Tusk’s DP quite a bit.

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Which is partially the point. It would please the people who don’t like the effect, while keeping it around for people who do, simultaneously giving it additional oomph and hype when it actually happens.

Also, I main Jago and sometimes use Thunder and object to you saying they’re a waste of meter or not used a lot. :wink:

I’ve also suggested that it this new effect should only happen during Level 4 Shadow Enders but it seems a few people think that it would happen too rarely then. I kinda feel like this type of thing needs to be rare so it doesn’t get old but that’s just my opinion on it.

Either way, at least to me it seems what makes them feel choppy is the sudden change in camera angles. I took a snippet from the launch trailer where they did zooms and camera movement instead of cuts and I think it looks much better:

I know that for whatever reason they can’t have the background visible during camera angle cuts so I much rather this style. Having it cut to black only makes sense to me on Shadow Jagos Ultimate/Instinct grab. If it is gonna stay the same, please at least change the teal smokey effect. It seems totally incoherent with season 3’s color palette.

Also I think the last hit should smoothly transition back to the normal in game camera angle. Cos atm with Jagos’ Endokuken ender, it cuts back to the normal angle and it’s feels jarring. Go to 22:06 so you can see what I’m talking about with Jagos’ Ender:


The only thing that might seem kinda awkward about them is the fact that all types of level 4 enders trigger them. It’s gonna be a bit weird to see Kim Wu’s level 4 Firecracker ender: a big, dramatic cinematic with a whopping total of 25% damage (or whatever it is).

I think that’s kinda the point of restricting it just to non-shadow level 4 enders. Shadow enders have the same 5 hit animation no matter what level they are. They’re also already fairly cinematic with the shadow effects (that we tune out after playing for a while). Non-shadow level 4 enders have more animation, meaning that the combination of the ender and the effects is going to be more dynamic overall. I’d say that ‘interference’ is mostly a constructive one, and that these new effects are also going to be eventually tuned out by most players.

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I agree. It’s also the moment as a Jago main where I have to time my next projectiles to gain life again. I’m sure I’ll get use to it in time but it’s a bit jarring.

It’s an aesthetic that works well in games like SF, but I really don’t know if it works for KI. Animation on your above gif with Jago’s projectile works because it’s fast. Watching the new one in level 4 shows the choppiness of the animation when slowed down.

If the team is willing to improve the animations to each level 4 ender then I’m all for it, otherwise, I think Its an effect that I’d pass on. This is a guy that’s loved a lot of the visual changes by the way.

Yeah I’d be okay with it being only on level 4 Shadow enders, as those are rarer and the most damaging type of combos.

I need to see it a bit more… but from what I have seen…Im not a fan of it. I like the way it was and the ripple effect. It just seemed to hit really hard.

I need to see more of it…but if i had to choose I like the shadow ender Idea. I play Omen so I wouldnt see it lol

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How do people want to change it to that black background when this is a lot more vicious and shows more impact of the enders. Not only that but it’s just a lot more better camera work.

I think what people really need to do is do a side by side with the new enders and an MK xray move and see that KI is trying to emulate that level of cinematic move but doesn’t even come close to matching the quality of xray moves.

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:open_mouth: I suppose we all have our playstyles. But if your objective is to do damage, executing a shadow ender when your combo meter is at level 4 easily gets you the most damage for your meter. Unless I’m mistaken, there is no better use for your shadow meter.

To quote the KI guide by @Infilament:

you can achieve a level 5 bonus, normally impossible, by building the level ender to 4 and performing a shadow ender. If your shadow ender is also a damage ender, this is a frightening amount of damage.

I think the new ender effect should be slightly more challenging to build up to. IMO, we’re seeing it too frequently as it currently is. (Especially for Tusk, who gets up to level 4 just for looking at you sideways.)

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Why do you compare it to an x-ray? I dont think they are similar at all…

Probably because MK is notorious for the black background on finishers. Not only that but Ultimates, which are finishers, use the black background so I guess my mind associates finishers with the game that made the black background notorious with the use of a finisher.

I know X-Ray’s are not the same as them but it’s clear they are going for a cinematic look which is where X-Rays come in. KI doesn’t do violence so obviously its not going to look the same. This is the KI version of X-Rays which are a lot more tame and seemingly baked in at the last second. If they wanted to make the moves more cinematic they should have worked on making sure a DP ender connected with the opponents Jaw and zoomed in on that.