Congrats to the forum cats!

…and all the other contenders last night at KIWC2017!

@STORM179 & @MnTLetalis the two of you had incredible performances! Tough to go up against someone like Sleep for the whole cookie, but damn Storm, you made Sako look good! Just incredible play, incredible play!

& Letalis, showing everybody that Aganos & RAAM are indeed “viable,” so long as the pilot is capable!

Just… wow, guys. Wow. You da MVP’s.



Two f***ing perfects…


Yep the whole tourney was hype and just a blast to watch! You guys all did great!


I have to say, Storm was the hype last night. I have never been so amped for a tournament than knowing it was one of our fellow, forum monsters cleaving a path to Top 2 and making the Evo champ work for it in a match up that looked a little one-sided.



Good job to all from the forums who played! :slight_smile:


I tell you what, with full recognition that Twitch chat is basically a hive of scum and villainy, it was really fun watching them all write Storm off after losing in the winners semis to Sleep. And then have to eat it when he rolled over Wheels and Nicky’s Fulgore. No one can pretend he backed into it, that’s for sure.


I’m a finchomatic fan

Was cutie PaulB there

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I was hoping for a Wulf to make it…:-/. However shocked with an Aganos and RAAM. I don’t know why people hate twitch chats? Other than some SFV trolling about KI it was pretty cool.


I find i funny how the twitch chat was super toxic until the gargos mirror teabag fest. As soon as that started everyone stopped arguing about SFV and simply enjoyed the hilarity of what was happening and then they stayed mostly civil up for the rest of the event. Teabagging saved the world cup twitch chat.


Yeah that was really cool to see these guys competing, and awesome to see a few of them do so well. Major congrats to @STORM179 on making it all the way to the grand finals!


Sorry, I had to.



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Savage lol

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I mean honestly the hypest match of the night for me was watching Sleep and Thompson go at it with frame perfect tea-bag punishes. That set was great.


Sleep x Thompson was the best fight of the night. I though they were about to fight irl! :joy:

And almost 25.000 viewers for me looks impressive.

Congrats @STORM179 and all the participants.


Thanks for having my back on the chat! They are so hypocritical, i get flack for repaying the styled ultra but they cheer his on and many others.
They were just jealous because they were at home playing armchair QB.

Thanks again guys

@BblackorchidD No paul B :frowning:


It was amazing. @STORM179 and @MnTLetalis, I could almost cry when you guys made top 8.

Such an awesome event, really wish I could’ve been there, but it was something else just to be able to watch it step by step as you climbed the ladders.

Congrats to everyone else, the competition was just insane, and having almost the full roster at the top 32 alone is a testament to how good the balance is in KI.


Big congrats guys! You two were definitely the hype train of the cup! Ton of good matches all day but y’all take the blue ribbion best in show prizes for sure!

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The chat was dumb even by Twitch chat standards. Trolling, troll baiting and troll feeding were sort of the highlights…

If I have one suggestion for Brandon for next year it would be to get real moderators and start booting people. I don’t want to watch 1000 messages about whether or not SF V is any good. I want to see what people have to say about the matches going on.


Not to get off topic here, but seriously… What is it about Twitch chat in particular that lends itself to all kinds of trollishness / trolleration / trollduggery?

Sorry, that probably IS another conversation for another thread. It just amazes me how bad it is sometimes.