Confirmed: Eyedol is a shadow lord

Check his profile card boasts

“I am the one true shadow lord!”

I know there was a lot of speculation as to why it was called Shadow Lord-S mode, guess we were right.


Of course he is! He, like Gargos, has 2 “toes” on each foot. That’s code for “I am a Shadow Lord!” because they don’t need any more than that. :wink:


Still, its kinda nice to hear that what we all expected has come to be.

We all argued about how Gargos came out early and how Adam said that it was so that they could do more with the story when in fact we were right and there was another Shadow Lord. lol

So, what IS a Shadow Lord, exactly?
Are they simply lords of the Shadow realm, aka Limbo?
Is their story from the past games still a thing?
Like, are they still former warlords from Earth that were banished to Limbo?
Were they once humans when living on Earth, or have they always been these monsters?

So many unanswered questions…

Yeah I imagine that whatever realm they’re from is the realm of shadows, where all these monsters live. Gargos and Eyedol are probably two of the strongest creatures, the weaker species are enslaved like Gargos’ minions. Limbo is probably the same thing as the Astral plane I’d imagine, maybe instead of being trapped it’s just an alternate dimension in this game.

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A version of it, probably. To better align with this game’s canon. I really want to read about their battle and build up to it.

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Good, he should be :slight_smile:

You’ll learn more in Shadow Lords mode :slight_smile:


Dude they are obviously from the realm of Londor from Dark Souls! lol

Or the DOOM titans realm. lol

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From everything I’ve seen, Eyedol and Gargos would be considered natives of the Astral Plane (aka Shadow Realm).

They are some of, if not THE most powerful beings in the Astral Plane. I think the title Shadow Lord is simply something coined by someone from our dimension (Maybe ARIA or Maya or Kan Ra? Who knows) to describe the most powerful Astral beings. Like a King or Emperor who has a lot of power and influence… or even a Queen…

Obviously, I’m assuming an awful lot here…


Awesome, can’t wait for it then. ^^

Oooh I hope we get a cinematic prologue where we see a full-headed Eyedol getting sliced in half by Gargos! :grin:

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So what is Shadow Lords mode? Does it have microtransactions or can you earn the items in the game? I am very confused.

Just like with buying skins/XP boosts, all the things the microtransactions would get you can be earned by simply playing the game.

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So it is going to be a grindfest like Street Fighter V?

That remains to be seen, and will largely depend on personal opinion.


KI has always been much better in terms of grinding for rewards than SFV in my opinion. The shear fact that you’re awarded points after every survival match alone, rather than an arbitrary reward for beating the whole thing with nothing to show for it if you fail, already gives it that distinction. In addition, there’s many more ways to earn points, with online actually giving you a substantial amount compared to the 50 FM you get for winning an online match in SFV.

So I really can’t imagine Shadow Lords being a 180 from that approach. Especially since it looks like the sort of single player mode I’ve been waiting for in fighters, so I really don’t even care how much xp it nets me for new accessories. It IS cool bonus content in and of itself.

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If we already know TWO Shadow Lords, are there anymore?

Not sure if anyone else noticed or not but gargos bio and trailer are up in the store.