Concerns Regarding Shadow Jago Looking Low-Budget

I can sympathise with his concerns, Omen was a let down compared to what IG could have made but instead he is the way he is.

he’s just saying he doesn’t want shadow jago getting the same treatment because IG are constantly considering him a bonus character.

There’s nothing wrong with voicing his concerns


Believe it, it’s real and for good reason. I do have some faith in the MS/IG team, just not complete faith after the ups and downs of Season 2…

Yea, MS/IG is full of surprises, some good and some bad. It’s the inconsistency in quality we saw in Season 2 that has me feeling nervous.

Omen is probably the most egregious example of this inconsistency, but he’s not the only example.

Keep in mind that they were completly honest about Omen’s quality and the reasons behind it way before he was revealed. It’s really not fair to use him to judge IG’s work.


Agreed… and they have stated Shago will be just as good as all other characters. They mentioned something about his quality during the reveal and presentation that the photo referenced above is from. Almost insulted that people think they would take short cuts or present a non quality product from the crowd funding.

I for one am not worried and have complete faith that they will knock it out of the park! How can they not? Being he will have all new moves and no copy moves from other characters? Mainly Jago.

Its going to be ok man… you will see :smiling_imp:

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I think we have to consider how long ago that was. They announced and subsequently completed the “Real Boy” campaign before EVO, and the images at Gamescom (which took place well over a month ago) were likely placeholders at the time. Judging by their relative silence, I’d hope that means they’re hard at work polishing him up, like how Bethesda have said they won’t be releasing any more Fallout 4 footage before the release.

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His moves look won’t matter in the heat of battle…You will be to busy looking on ways to break or use them.

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So all the characters should be like Omen with regards to attention to detail? You might as well remove the announcer, replace Mick Gordon’s soundtrack with generic fighting game music and make the graphics look like they did in the KI prototype on the Xbox 360.

KI3 would be just as successful as it was in its first year…

Don’t underestimate the power of presentation.

The game looks perfect to me already… I’m just saying that shadow jago’s moves in the picture look great but that won’t matter in gameplay when everything is going so fast for game in ki.

Nothing has to be ultra flashy.

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I got what you meant, and I still think you’re downplaying the power of presentation. The way the characters are detailed, animate and move, as well as all the “flash” you allude to, are major attractions to KI. Many, if not most, people choose their main characters primarily based on how they look and move and not necessarily their gameplay.

Seriously, can you imagine how less appealing KI will be if all the characters had the same attention to detail as Omen? Frightening…

Hopefully, they’ll fix the awkward looking slide and the transition on his shadow version. I agree with you on that.

I also agree that season 2 had some ups and downs. I tend to believe that a large part of that had to do with the incredibly tight schedule as well as it possibly taking a while for them to get a full grasp on someone else’s game engine in the beginning. The animations on TJ and Maya, as well as the overall rush job on Omen, I believe, could be more a result of one or both of these factors.

I don’t believe that those factors will be in play during season 3. I also believe that IG is more than capable of putting out some great characters with rock solid animations. With the exception of Omen, I think that IG improved a lot over the course of season 2 and I’m more than happy with it when taken as a whole, even if there are parts of both seasons I’d like to see improved upon.

So while I get the idea of being nervous that Shago won’t turn out as good as you might want him to be and I see your logic behind that nervousness, I think that he’s in good hands and I could easily see Shago being awesome, and season 3 being the best season yet. I’m that optimistic.

Don’t let some pictures that’ll be months old by the time Shago’s out make you nervous. Wait until we see him in motion.

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It looks like a static image sliding back and forth, doesn’t it?

Hoping for the best.

Yeah, I’d agree with that. I think part of that is because it seems to be missing animations, both in getting in to the slide itself and then turning from one direction back to the other. He also looks almost too low to the ground, like unnaturally so.

It’s definitely a move that I hope they can touch up a good deal, no doubt.

Arent they giving him a new voice too? i really hope they dont mess this character up

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I believe they stated if he’s going to get a trailer… The will give him a voice for that trailer.

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Really? New voice? They might get a Jago sound alike… Or maybe just a new voice. Or was gonna say why not Omen’s VA, but He is his own being. Omen in Jago’s body is still Jago.

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i can truly feel you here, i tried to make a post before about some tacky animations and elements that could be improved for the game to look more polished and slick, the animations in this game is far from perfect and i can understand that you are worried. the character designs are all pretty good imo its just that stiff animations and random huge particle affects imo makes the game look poorly designed. Im glad you made some comparisons to sfv cus that kinda means we are on the same page. sfv has some of the best animations in the genre but apperently most of the people on this forum here refuses to see anything but “ki is fine” dont need anything blah blah… every game needs something to make it even better, nothing is perfect. Anyways back to topic im also abit worried for shagos movesets looking cheap. I dont remember now if hes going to keep hes slide kick that passed thru you like several times, but it sure looked uggly and hella cheap to me.

took the words out of my mouth so many people around here dont see the affect polished graphics and animations has to a game. Just like you said why even make new consoles anymore when we can use sprites from super mario 8bit and animations from battletoads, what maters most is the gameplay right?.. seriously get over the gameplay part and open youre minds…

Without its gameplay Ki would just be pictures…lol I see so many things wrong with that statement… but I’m going to say this instead

Iron galaxy/MS are smart, they know their priorities…actually every game dev should know that gameplay is #1 but to pull in people they need make it look good… Which it has been since the launch of kan-ra, so have a little bit in faith… Shago will be fine, season 3 is going to be fine.

Everything is fine

you seriously think im stupid?? ofc gameplay is nr1 but people tend to ignore the fact that ki has some flaws in its animations and finnish, and instead only talk about the gameplay, that the gameplay is what maters etc. ofc it is but we aint talking about that are we?? the gameplay in ki is awesome but thats not the point here is it? the game looks good for the most part but some attention to detail is required here and there imo.

The way you said this:

Made me think that you meant gameplay doesn’t matter.

If I’m mistaken then I will apologize