Concerns Regarding Shadow Jago Looking Low-Budget

Like most of you, I am happy that Shadow Jago is finally getting his own moveset. At the same time, I am also a bit worried that his new moves, while sounding great on paper, will look not so great in action.

Considering some of the visual and design mishaps we’ve seen in Season 2, especially with regards to the changes made tot the Season 1 characters (e.g. Orchid pulling a grenade out of her arse), I am worried that Shago’s new moves will look tacked-on, thus knocking his badarse design down a peg or two.

Please take the time to make his new move jive well with his overall design. The last thing we want is for Shago to look amateurishly-produced in anyway, shape or form…


… Can’t alleviate your concerns. He is Jago. He’s got 3 variants of Jago plus Omen to feel familiar too.

He now throws air fireballs, they replaced the Windkick with the Demon Slide, he doesn’t Laser Sword, he teleport dashes and he can double down any special by expending some Shadow Meter… But he also has a Dive Kick!!!

If you have fear of the changes as is now, only playing him can make you see the light, er, Shadow.

That’s not the point I am making, I am talking about the design of his new moves, which I am worried could look tacked-on and amateurishly-produces.


I understand what you’re concerned about (though I honestly don’t think they really look too tacked on), but I don’t think it’ll be an issue. They have much more time to work on this character than they did to make touch-ups to the season 1 characters, and considering how different Shago’s moves will be, I don’t expect it’s possible to just reuse animations or anything like that. Of course he’ll have similar or identical normals, but that makes sense. I’m sure they are putting enough attention to how he plays as well as how he animates. If not I’m sure he’d be out by now lol. I’m pretty confident in them that they’ll make him look cool as he fights.

As a bit of a sidenote, I’m a little sad he doesn’t use his sword, since it looks so cool lol but at least he does in his Ultimate! And maybe he will for normals too like Jago. We’ll see.

Like how some people are upset that some of Omen’s moves are carbon copies and echoes of Jago’s and Sabrewulf’s fighting styles, like with the double slash command move look or his Orda shield resembles Eclipse too much. Or maybe like how some people think TJ and Maya are stiff and poorly animated (which I still don’t get).

Personally, I don’t think those will be a big factor on Shadow Jago though, while he will inevitably share some moves with his non-shadow counterpart, like normals and certain specials, they’ve already taken into account people want an experience separate from him. The demon slide is gonna be pretty sweet I bet, as the Shadow version will probably be projectile invincible, but even without meter, that slide will likely go under a number of other character projectiles. Fulgore might have a little trouble against this one.

He’s also one character not a part of a seasonal pack, they’ve had time to plan, tune, animate, and the experience from the previous season, listening to the forum feedback, they are in a much better position to make a much more well-tuned character than they were at the beginning of the season.

Now is it that he doesn’t use the sword or that he doesn’t use the Laser Sword move?

Because I still expect to see it used in Normals too. Auto-doubles and Manuals aren’t something I expect much changing either.

As a visual and range mix, he can plausibly axe kick instead of Neck Cutter and pseudo-Laser Sword instead of Double Round-house. Same effect but shorter ranged.

He is intended to be his own place in the sandbox but we can’t kid he is a skin and audio remix of an existing character. He already shares everything with Jago as a base and we’ve been told the changes.

How can there be fear?

Well, to be fair, we have NO definite confirmation of what his Instinct is, and instinct is critical for some characters to make a comeback. Most have guessed at it being his current meter drain stuff, but adjusted slightly. It is a wild card though.

Still, even that’s not a big enough factor to cause alarm over his redesign.

We certainly need to fuel the hype train with mo’ Shajo Instinct speculation!

If he ends up gaining a Shadow doppleganger like Saibot is to Noob, I’ll freak like a little school girl :wink:

He doesn’t use the Laser Sword move. Sorry, I should’ve been more specific. I expect him to still use it for normals as well.

regardless of what it is, I hope they keep the Gargos face that appears when he activates it.

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Now don’t worry, the new and revamped/updated Shadow Jago is currently in good development hands which is Iron Galaxy Studios :wink:

We will see…

And if Shadow Jago doesn’t use is his badarse swords, that would be knock in the eyes of many fans. Why have a sword if you’re not going to use it?

Might he only use his sword while in instinct mode?

This man has a face I believe in and trust. I’m going off the smiley face he used in his post since I have never seen his real face or anything, but still I trust this post.


People have been saying that since the beginning of the Season, but we still ended up with rather inconsistent quality. I’ll wait and see while hoping what you’re saying is true.

… BUT only Laser Sword is confirmed gone. Why over speculate?

Quality is being tossed around to encompass too many things as being equally important. The quality of sandbox role/competitive moveset addition has been SUPREEEEME! The music has been… AWESOME.
What seems to be variable is the agreement on what is proper, enough, not enough, etc on a few visual things.

You’re expanding that issue onto a clone that was never really intended to be a full character in the first place.

You’re further setting up failure because you view minor changes as lazy but also major changes as slaps in the face.

Don’t care what people have been saying unless they’re saying it HERE!

Lol! Isn’t it weird? I feel the same way.

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You know what? Several of boss Shago’s existing moves already look tacked on to me, especially his shadow slide. The transition from one direction to another is too sudden and looks too unnatural. How is he getting his momentum?

The startup animation is good, but not what follows.

I was hoping they MS ? IG would improve its animation.

Seeing how well Rashid and Karin’s animations turned out makes me more nervous about Shadow Jago’s new moves looking low-budget. Things like Dark fury (dragon punch) has me especially worried:

So nervous…

Why would you be nervous about the DP? They already have a solid DP animation for him from Jago, all that dark fury changes is the travel distance and the hitbox. If anything that should be the move you’re least worried about.

Well, it’s not exactly identical to Jago’s Tiger Fury because it has no forward trajectory. Plus, it just doesn’t look good in that picture.

But, yes, I am worried about all his added moves looking low-budget.

I cant believe this thread is real? Have some faith in IG man… have you been let down yet? If so…maybe this isn’t the game for you. IMO SF4, 5, helll all of them look horrible compared to KI… SF5 character animations all look the same to me…everyone has some spinning fire kick… and some other tornado looking move set.

I think Shago is going to be the sheet…nuf said