Concerning Aria's stage ultra with comparison [Poll]

I don’t mind the goofiness of the falling character as I agree that KI is balanced when it comes to cool and goofy. However, it’s too long and it has way too many angles that it switches from. Here’s a good suggestion: change it so it looks just like the one from the season 2 finale trailer:

Versus what it looks like now:

What does everyone else have to say about this?

  • Yes, change it so it looks like that
  • Keep it the way it is

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Thanks to @xCrimsonLegendx for bringing this to my attention.

And @TempusChaoti @developers hope you keep track of this poll.


I agree, its not the animation that is to blame completely. The camera just lingers on it for so long that it draws attention to how silly it is, sharper, more dramatic camera angles like in the finale trailer looks oh so much better.


I like it the way it is. It’s supposed to be comical.

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The animation of the character falling is comical enough.

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At the angle from the trailer, I can barely even see the animation at all.

Plus I find there’s more satisfaction in watching them slowly but surely fall to their doom.

They fall to their doom anyways. Besides, you can still see the animation of them falling.

I think you’re missing my point, but I’ll drop it. I’ve stated my opinion, no need to push it further.


While I do think it should be changed, I think your point about angles is ridiculous, because the trailer version shifts like 6x, whereas the current only does so 4x…

Maybe something in between the 2?

I agree. I like it too. Really accentuates how high the pinnacle building is, and how far they’re falling.

some animations seems to be out of place like it was wi-fi punches. Just look at that gif of Cinder vs Aganos.

I understand why some people dont like the current one, but it has its charms, the trailer version is more streamlined and looks nice too. I dont really feel like choosing though, also the developers know what they are doing and this is what they thought best.

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That doesn’t look like a different SU to me, just looks like they hit up some video-editing software for the sake of the trailer. I could be wrong though.

That said, I disagree, mostly on the premise that non-gameplay related endeavors, including (unnecessary) “fixing” of things that already exist, is an expenditure of time and money that could and would be better spent elsewhere.

Way I see it, if you don’t like a given Stage Ultra, hit the other row of buttons. If you want fancy finishing moves, hit MP+MK after activating Ultra. You get both a sweet finisher, and get to move on to your next match and continue having fun, and never once have to be concerned about how long it takes to fall from the Pinnacle.

But what really gets me is how common this specific SU is a point of discussion or contention, and how often the same folks that support old-school No Mercies are against how goofy this one is. It’s like advocating for Froot Loops and saying Trix are for kids…

Regardless of it being just “fancy editing” for the trailer, it still looks better.

Be a little constructive, I’m not looking for trouble.

Wow, the first one looks wonderful!


I wasn’t referring to you, only your idea, because what you claimed was, in fact, not true - so I pointed that out. That’s what makes it ridiculous.

Indeed it is.

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No, it isn’t/wasn’t! That’s my main you’re talking about that’s going through that window! :rage:

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Well said. If they were to make it more like the GIF version it would really be more dramatic and cool.

A few things I will say about the current version:

  1. Why does the camera angle change from him falling facing right, and then, all of a sudden, facing left?

  2. Why don’t you see the other 2 buildings in the initial 2 shots as he goes out the window, and then, all of a sudden, they’re in every other shot (at the same height and distance, no less!)?

  3. Why do the buildings look like there’s a gap under them at the bottom near where he hits (are the buildings being held up on stilts or something?)?

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