Complimentary character for Eagle

Title says it all. I don’t want to be a one-trick pony forever.

I’m trying to find a character that can help with some of Eagle’s bad MUs like Fulgore or Gargos. Out of my characters (Arbiter, Raam, Omen, Kilgore, Jago) or any other character, who would be a good choice to start working on. I have no clue where to head.

Any response is appreciated.


Kilgore is your best option out of those most likely.

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Could you explain in more detail why he would be a better choice then the rest? I want to make sure because Kilgore (I believe) is another lab heavy character and it will take lots of work to bring him to the level of my Eagle.

You asked about matchups, not about how long it would take to be good with him.

Kilgore rocks Gargos because Kilgore can easily counter all of Gargos’ attack strategies and easily take out minions. The only flaw in that matchup is that capitalizing on offense when Gargos is down is something Kilgore isn’t particularly good at.

As for Fulgore…it’s Fulgore. I think you can’t go wrong with Kilgore in that matchup.

Well, they were just example of some of the matchups that Eagle can struggle with. I was kinda looking for a character that can cover Eagle’s weaknesses (mostly defense wise) but still. Regarding those matchups, I do believe kilgore is the best choice for those.

I would not use Omen against gargos, from personal experience trying to get in on him can be a pain but it’s not undo able. I recommend like sonicdolphin said Kilgore or jago.


JAGO is my answer of the ones you listed.

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Sorry for the repetitive question, but can you explain why exactly. I want to weigh the pros and cons of each character.

becasue he is the most even character. Best at nothing worst at nothing.
You need defense…he has it…ALL

standing overhead
good air to air buttons
good neutral buttons
good frame advantage
good instinct
good projectiles

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Haha. Gotta keep my opponents on their toes :yum:

-shrug- I dunno, being a one-trick pony has worked out ok for me :slight_smile:


I’m a fan of the one-trick-pony style too


Maybe ARIA because of her assists.

But…Eagle has assists too…

Edit: Oh! Nvm I just got why you said that. Silly me. I could try her out. Only have her lv. 27 right now

Omen can deal with anyone and is actually a direct counter to some of eagle’s bad match ups. Eagle and kilgore have some mutually brutal mus such as spinal. Some of the other characters you mentioned will have problems with some of the same characters eagle does. (eagle arbiter and raam all lose to aganos, spinal and tj can be issues for eagle and kilgore etc.

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She is fairly balanced, but managing all of the bodies is kinda hard. I used to be a decent ARIA if you need any tips.


I’m not exactly a fan of the one-trick-pony style but I always return to my Omen :rofl: [when I return from my breaks] I have the same problem as the OP, love to watch some characters but can’t play with neither of them lol

@FallibleJoker14 I would choose Jago. I’m not experienced player like these guys that have answered, but Jago seems to be the type of character who doesn’t have bad MU’s. I think he’s 5-5 or x-y (x > y) against most of the cast. I’m not exactly a good Omen but I think Gargos is a bad MU for him too, Fulgore too doesn’t have problem against Omen at all (Fulgore is another character that I think is one of the best besides Jago)


Meant to answer a while ago, but didn’t have time to explain my thoughts.

Basically, I think that out of the characters you listed as playing, Kilgore is probably the best given the characters you listed as trying to beat (Fulgore and Gargos). Omen is the overall best of the characters you said you played, but Gargos beats him IMO. So that kinda defeats the purpose of counterpicking.

Kilgore is basically a hard counter to Gargos, and I think he matches up about as well as anyone against Fulgore. He’s got meterless reversals and benefits from unfamiliarity, so even though he’s also a lab-intensive character I think he’s a good complement to Eagle.

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Hmm…seems like Omen and Kilgore are my best bets. I’ll have to play with them a little more before I am set on my decision. I’ll try out ARIA for a bit as well. She was fun to play but idk about a competitive level.

@ItzTymeToDul I believe I’ll need your help once again. Maybe a Omen mirror sometime?

If anyone has any tips on Kilgore or Omen other then the basics of the character, please PM me. It would be greatly appreciated.