Complimentary character for Eagle


Omen can actually give fulgore alot of problems. He actually beats him on the ground which @STLemonHunter can attest to as well. Fulgore loses the footsie game due to omen’s longer range normals. And locking out meter hurts Fulgore even more than other characters.

If you have trouble with gargos a good idea is to only shoot 1 or 2 fireballs at a time. Chances are you’ll get one that keeps gargos out of the sky. After that just maul him. I’d usually go pretty even vs wheels gargos with omen.


Learning both kilgore and omen as back ups isn’t a bad idea at all. Having at least 3 characters in your arsenal is always a good thing as you can pretty much cover any mu that way.

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@MnTLetalis in your opinion how good/bad is this MU for Omen? I think the Omen vs Fulgore MU is 5-5 at best. I don’t think Omen beats Fulgore. As for Gargos, I’ll try what you said. I have the bad behavior to always throws heavy rashakukens and I get caught sometimes. Characters like Gargos and Sadira who stay too much in the air are a pain to Omen because he lack effective ways to get them. I never saw an Omen beat a Sadira until now (both being good players).

Newbie question: what you guys means by saying go to the lab? It means going to the shadow lab or training mode? I always asked myself what people want to say with this :dizzy_face:


5-5. Fulgore’s vortex is a problem but omen outfootsies him use standing heavy punch at max range and its not easy for fulgore to challenge. Omen doesn’t have a losing matchup and he actually has a Minor edge on sadira. Don’t try to get in on her Just play very lame and don’t approach her. Keep shooting from full screen and she’ll have a frustrating time getting to you. Once she’s on the ground not much she can do to contest omen.

The lab means training mode.

I’d rather not derail the thread too much. Feel free to dm me about other questions.


Ive had several Sadiras tell me to do the opposite. To not give her distance and to stay on top of her. So far that hasnt worked and only playing the lame game as you said has worked for me. Its the lock outs that kill me from her juggles. I always end up loosing the health race by a small margin in the end.


From playing Shoalin FX, I think the best thing to do is to switch your play style regarding the situation, if you find yourself far away, NEVER try to get in. The lame game will win, but once you knock her down and she’s close, just keep using meatys and never let her go. If you find yourself midscreen just back off, only approach from close range. Most Sadiras do weird things on wake up and they are pretty counterable if you work on your meaties.


I take back what I said.

That was the last time I derail this thread, but I had to share this. This is an awesome set.


Yeah nate is the best omen hands down.

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I honestly don’t know about this in terms of playing the keep away game with Sadira. I’ve never had a problem with an Omen that liked playing the lame game. I’m patient, if they want to stand on the other side of the screen and toss fire balls, I’ll just sit on the other side and dodge them. As soon as they get a bad fireball roll, I jump in and strike.

The Omens I get screwed over with, are the ones that get in close and then use the fire balls to lock me down and then keep me pressured. Sadira’s options on the ground suck, unless she has instinct and Omen can quickly dispatch her.

I’ve always recommended to get in and pressure her… but honestly I guess it also comes down to the Sadira player’s skill level.


When she’s down then he goes in. Otherwise when i play kalypso in this fight I just play lame and it often works. As soon as you jump forward I simply slide under you and repeat the process. Omen controls space much better than she does. Plus once i get meter which isn’t hard with omen it’s even easier. Most omen players don’t utilize the homing shadow rashakuken on sadira.


Had no idea Gargos was a bad MU for Eagle. I thought that with his awful wake up he would get destroyed by Eagle.
Also, according to game’s frame data Eagle’s arrows are 4 frame start up,right? Wow, seems like you can easily annoy Gargos with that and the bird assist.
But well,I have no idea of that MU but it doesn’t seem fun if I’m using Wulf.

I’m still tempted on using Omen as pocket but can’t find myself with him.

About the topic, try to pick the character you enjoy the most for a second main. Having fun,at least for me,it makes a difference.

I do think I’ll always have a main and a/few simply pocket =
I’ve been like that forever since I got into fighters in 1992. Kudos to anyone who can master multiple characters xD

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Be in the corner with Gargos…then you’ll see why it’s a bad MU (like 4.5-5.5). Although Eagle can abuse Gargos on wakeup. Corner bullys like Gargos and Aganos can be hell to Eagle once they start going. Get stuck in the corner and say good bye to your health. It takes a miracle and a prayer for the Shadow Lord to let you go. Add minions and you got bird soup.

I feel like Gargos has a easier time getting you in the corner then other bully’s due to his carry linker and his many ways to get an opening.

I love all characters (except for Orchid and Sadira, sorry guys) so it’s more a problem of who would be the better choice. I’m fine with learning a whole new character competitively as well (tho would still prefer someone I’m somewhat familiar with


Kilgore has a GREAT payoff when you invest time in him.

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