Completely Delusional Fantasy Picks

Just for fun. I have no idea if we’re going to be spoiled with new characters or stages. My heart tells me no but at the same time, if all we’re getting is some balance updates then why bring the whole team back and why make such a hullabaloo about it? So I thought it’d be fun to let our imaginations go nuts for a minute and talk about who our completely unrealistic, absolutely unfathomable dreams picks for characters would be. Like if you were king for a day and there were no rules, who would you love to see? Here are a few of my delusional picks:

The Tick: I remember before the Eyedol reveal some of the devs were jokingly talking about what it’d be like if they put Powdered Toast Man in it. Would have been awesome but along the same lines, I’d love to see The Tick.

Earthworm Jim: If you played Clayfighter 63 1/3 you know he has potential to be a groovy, viable fighting game character.

Stubbs the Zombie: KI is filled with horror tropes and yet we haven’t gotten into zombie territory yet. I’m not as crazy about zombies as I am about other monsters but if you had to have one, this guy’d be a good contender. The summons would be cool too.

Santa from Violent Night: Probably would make a better MK character but he would have an awesome moveset and we don’t have a hammer wielder yet.

Bird and Bear: I’ve heard other people suggest this before, but a hyper-realistic, hyper-violent bird and bear combo would be great. Even more delusional for me to want this now that the two are in a different fighting game, even if it’s a party fighting game.

Baron von Ghoul: dumb but I just want it.

More realistic characters I’d like would be Joanna Dark, Arthur Pendragon, Kameo or Sharkman TJ (still need this so bad)

Anyway, I hope this topic finds you guys well and you guys participate and have fun with it. I miss being on these boards regularly so let’s go crazy. No holds barred, what are your most insane picks that you’d love to see if you were Phil Spencer for a day?


I still want Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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Oh maaaan, that would be incredible, I second this

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Also. Genuinely, I want Donkey Kong in KI. A throwback to Rare’s most iconic franchise and a reciprocation for Banjo being allowed into Smash. Just imagine the KI remix of DK Island Swing. Plus Diddy Kong can be his instinct mode.

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Rare’s version of Donkey Kong remains my absolute favorite videogame character of all time, if I could choose between him being in KI or a new 3d DK platformer I sincerely don’t know which one I’d go with. If they made him really primal like in Jungle Beat or Melee he’d be such an interesting addition.

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Since I’m the only one who seems to be interested in this topic I’ll throw out another one. Classic Kratos.

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Akuma from Street Fighter. With how toned down the violence is on the current KI (as opposed to the classics), Akuma definitely fits right in.

Akuma has already been in Tekken before, he’s seen what Wolverine looks like (non-canon, I know), so why not take the opportunity to get more eyes on KI with Akuma as the latest guest character with a story that makes sense?

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Heres one Id like to see, personally. How about Kroenen from Hellboy. (2004 Del Toro version mainly.)

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know this rendition of the character was ■■■■■■■ wild with his fighting style. Doing all kinds of crazy spins and precise slashes for disorienting his opponent. Plus the dark and mystical tone of those movies, to me, fits almost perfectly within the reboot of KI. (And just like KanRa, Kroenen would be the second character ingame who only bleeds sand whenever he gets hit.)

Plus for his “Retro” costume, they could allow his “upgraded” appearance wielding tonfas.

Maybe for his Instinct Mode, they could have him winding up his internal clockheart, causing him to be even faster and efficient with his attacks. So I believe “rushdown” would be his preferred playstyle.

And just because they tend to go all out on character theme songs, for his “idle” track, they could use actual German opera music, considering Kroenen was a well known musician before he transformed himself into a weapon of pure evil.

Just imagine if this was his face accessory…

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See, this is where there’s a bit of a problem. On the one hand, he is an interesting character with a unique design, abilities, weaponry and backstory. On the other hand, though, he is a N azi, and because of that, any attempt at having him as a playable character would be an issue. I wouldn’t mind a character like him, preferably one not a N azi POS, but Kroenen? That’s asking for trouble.

Simple fix revolving the sawstika, just use the iron cross symbol instead.

Thats what Wolfenstien and Call of Duty usually do if it becomes THAT problematic.

(Like I get it, but unfortunately we cannot change history. Besides he’s a fictional character, not based on a real world person specifically, to my knowledge. Putting him in a videogame shouldn’t set the world on fire.)

They don’t have to make him a n azi for this version either. Just have him be apart of a undisclosed organization that just so happens to include German soldiers. In the end, Kroenen’s only loyal to Rasputin, that alone should be enough I think.

Idk, I just like his overall design, as well finding him to be a very fascinating character in general, regardless of what he aligns himself with. But again, I get it.

Not quite the same thing. In those instances, the games are set in WW2, so it made sense to feature those elements, plus the N azis aren’t being portrayed positively. It’s kind of different in this context, which is making a N azi a playable character, if not kind of valorizing him and encouraging players to buy him and think that he’s “cool”.

Then why use the character at all? In that case, it would make more sense for it to be an original character. Like, I’m fine with characters being bad guys, even terrifying villains, but N azis are kind of a tough line to cross, and the idea that a company should try to make a cool character out of something so loathsome and in turn sort of valorizing them is insulting at best and disgusting at worst. I might think characters like Kroenen and Stormfront from “The Boys” are interesting in terms of what they represent, but in no way in h ell would I ever want to buy a statue, figure or a DLC character pack for them in a game of all things.

Again, I get where youre coming from, but when did I say we should “valorize” n azis? As I stated, I dig his design and fighting skills, nothing more.

Thats a pretty big leap imo.

I mean should we cancel Mike Mignola and Del Toro for inventing the character in the first place? How far do we go with this.

I mean… isnt that kinda what the movie did, more or less? In the comics, Kroenen was just a typical scientist, but Toro decided to reinvent him as lethal assasin. Im just saying they can take many creative liberties with it, WITHOUT having it be distasteful.

I never said that you have, but you have to understand, the act of promoting a N azi character and selling figures or DLC packs for him as an individual character is what makes it debased, even insidious, for to do so is to encourage the notion that N azis are cool, if not profitable and marketable. Thus, he is in turn valorized. Granted, there are neo-n azis and other despicable groups in real life, plus there are a number of N azi characters in comics and games, but that is even more reason why there shouldn’t be such a thing.

That’s not the same whatsoever. He served a purpose in the context of Hellboy’s story. He and his ilk were not treated anything other than as villains. In this instance, we’re talking about taking the character as he is, independent of HB, and making him as part of KI. Now, while it’s true that KI is a sort of punk/cyberpunk fighting game, but a N azi? That’s seriously pushing it.

Fair enough.

Alright, final offer…

Snake Eyes and/or Storm Shadow. One or the other, both might be a bit overkill.

Two of the most deadly assasins, with amazing designs. Seems like the perfect candidates for KI I think. (And much like Kroenen, Snake Eyes doesn’t talk. So he already has that ‘silent menacing’ persona down.)

Especially from some iterations that actually explains how he lost his voice, I believe one of them involved getting shot in the throat via shrapnel, although I could be wrong.

Plus GI Joe has had some interesting redesigns over the years, so who’s to say they couldn’t slip a few easter eggs regarding the franchise they came from. As well other members of their respective factions.

Modern, Classic, more tactical gear, etc…

Classic shadow

Unmasked, which is pretty cool because Shadow isn’t afraid to fight without a mask on, unlike his rival.

Tell me, whats more ‘90s’ than that?


Now we’re talking! :smiley:

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I suppose the Del Toro version of Kroenen was probably inspired by Snake Eyes to some extent, so might as well just go for the original influence if that must be the case.

I avoided Black Noir, despite how simmilar he is, mainly because I find MK to be more suitable for his level of violence.

Snake Eyes might’ve been a soldier, but he wasn’t a murderer. Even Storm Shadow had some level of honor that The Seven lacked, despite himself working for Cobra.


I think he would have worked well for KI as well because of the fact that he is a corporate assassin. Comics Black Noir, though…yeah, even though he essentially is the same thing, he was so, so, SO much more horrible than TV Noir.

Indeed, especially in comparison to Comic Black Noir. At least TV Noir kind of had a semblance of honor(?). I mean, he spared a kid in one episode. Comic Noir would have done so much worse.

Whelp considering im still on a “Hellboy high” as it were, after watching The Golden Army, I kinda wanna see Prince Nuada as a potential fighter in KI as well.

Again, the world of Hellboy has all types of mythical factions and interesting concepts, seeing this guy in action just made me realize how sick of a fighter he could’ve become for a fighting game. Plus his stoicism and “holier than thou” demeanor would be very interesting seeing him go against someone like Gargos or Eyedol. Maybe starting a war amongst all territories in-game to prove his people are the superior warriors.

Or better yet, have him pair up with Aganos as he tries to convince the machine to work alongside his indestructible soldiers, sorta allowing Aganos to relive his glory years as the King of Babylon’s greatest weapon. But then later on once Nuada shows his true intentions, Aganos declines his offer by retaliation, even destroying Nuada’s army in the process.

Maybe for his stage, they could use the throne room of Hellboy 2’s climax, having many of the army machines wandering around as spectators, perhaps even a stage ultra where they dogpile the losing player, while they rip them apart. Or better yet, having the loser fall onto the moving gears, crushing them to death.

Not only that, but considering his twin sister feels everything he does, maybe have her appear in the background of The Throne Room stage, whenever Nuada gets harmed, she gets visibility more weakened. Sorta how in Street Fighter Alpha, Dhalsim’s wife watches the battle, only getting more worried as she watches her husband getting beaten. But cheers if he wins.

Here though, the stakes are raised considering if Nuada dies, so does his sister.

I mean just imagine him using that spear to get crazy pokes, shifting its size from a short ranged dagger to a dangerous pole-arm for insane damage and range. I’d be all for it.

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Nuada was a really cool character, with a really cool sword. He would work well in KI.