Comparing one-chance damage for the entire cast (UPDATED)


Understood. Thanks for elaborating. :thumbsup:


I’m still not sure about maya leap kick though. I’m certain light is breakable on reaction because it has a bizarrely long break window, but the window for medium/heavy is smaller and the tell is very non-obvious so…maybe unreactable? If so that’s great because leap kick adds a substantial amount of PD to her juggles.


This post and research is great. Nice job DEClimax these forums need more content like this.

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Yeah, figured it would be good to put the important info here instead of on twitter or something where it’d just disappear :stuck_out_tongue:


Updated the chart to also include average and median damage for “normal” combos (i.e. no instinct/special resources/special circumstances) and for all combos. What it works out to is, for a plain jane one chance one bar punish what’s average is 17% unbreakable/32% cashout. What I think is most interesting about this is, for example, fulgore vs kim, a very low damage character vs a very high damage one. Their one chance cashout damage is equal, both being perfectly average, while for the unbreakable portion of the damage kim is below average and fulgore is above. I think it goes to show that the chart really doesn’t tell the full story as far as damage goes, as some characters will see a much greater damage increase from extending their combos than others.


I forgot to ask. Are you doing the unbreakable part ON the breakable part or the move before it?


Doing it before the breakable part for two reasons. The first being, I want unbreakable to mean unbreakable. Meaning, at that point in the combo you have not offered any break window. The second is just for simplicity’s sake–some characters don’t use cut and dry simple 1-hit heavy manuals, various characters will do their one-chance with a multi-hit move, and it just adds an element of complexity I didn’t want to deal with.


Fair enough. That’s all I needed to know.


Updated the list to reflect the changes in the 3.4 patch! If I missed anything, just let me know.


I just saw Aganos’ damage on the chart at 93% with 4 walls and just smiled. :grin:


I have a correction for Kan-Ra. You have his unbreakable damage listed as 16%.

Back+HP, Back+HP, light Clutch into Antlion does 22% provided that you have sand out.

Back+HP, stand HK, light Clutch into Antlion guarantees that you’ll have sand and does 21%, which is pretty damn good.


While that is more up front unbreakable damage, the one-chance combo that follows will do less damage, so I didn’t list it.

Well…the 2x back HP version is only slightly less, so I could put that up.


Finally. Someone actually agrees with me that that’s a good setup! Everyone’s been telling me that it’s not that great… Pfft.


There’s a difference between saying something’s not that great and disagreeing with your assessment that it’s too good.



I found something weird with Eyedol’s Instinct. His qcf+p ender becomes the combination of his launcher and battery ender, but what ends up happening is the battery part just blows out the juggle and you don’t get anything off of it.

What’s weird is that the lower the KV meter is, the more damage this ender does. For a one-chance combo, it ends up doing just as much as the damage ender, but with the added benefit of gaining meter.

F+HP xx Shadow Club Slam, heavy manual xx DP ender = 44%
F+HP xx Shadow Club Slam, heavy manual xx Club Slam ender = 44% plus meter

For a very short, non-optimal combo, it surpasses the damage ender.

Light Crushing Shoulder, light auto-double xx DP ender = 20%
Light Crushing Shoulder, light auto-double xx Club Slam ender = 23% plus meter

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Actually, for that max damage punish combo, there’s still KV left, so it’s really 44% plus meter plus a small juggle.

A quick F+MP recapture, heavy manual, then a second Club Slam ender turns that 44% into 53% plus even more meter. You actually end up getting back about 70-80% of a full bar.

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You’re totally right. I did find that out about the instinct launcher ender, I just forgot to update this chart with launcher instead of damage. Thanks! You do almost refund a whole bar if you start from less than 2 full bars…that’s pretty nuts.

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Chart updated for 3.5 and better readability~


This work is really great!

Thank you for this @DEClimax, it’s really appreciated ^^