Comparing one-chance damage for the entire cast (UPDATED)


Yo, Thanks @DEClimax! That helps a bunch actually! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Now I can use it against the entire world!



Just for that… you’ve been cursed to fight only Triple AAA Sadira mains for the rest of your foreseeable life.


Good thing I actually like that matchup lol

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Did I mention that she’ll have Unlimited Instinct. :smiling_imp:



I just realized… I don’t think you’ve ever fought my Sadira. :cry:


I have, you just don’t remember. :slight_smile:


That’s right… Geek was hosting a lobby. I DO remember, but it was ages ago. My Sadira has evolved.


FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT. :tada::rage::tada:


And the winner gets to fight you!

Loses on purpose… Good luck Ostrich!


Lol. I play Ostrich all the time, so you may as well go all out :smile:

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Well then! :smiley:


No problem~ :heart:


I just read through the notes more closely and saw that Glacius has a 61% one chance with two meters.

What the f-


Bugs are fun!


If you ask me, they should just nerf the damage but make Shadow Hail unbreakable. Like they did with Shadow Searing Skull.


What, you mean the linker version?


Just my preference, but IMO Shadow searing skull should be breakable.

Also, I don’t understand why, if I try to break it on frame 1, in doesn’t give me the lockout until it ends. Give me the lockout on the same frame I fail the break, so Spinal has less time for the lockout!


I think it’s good that shadow searing skull is unbreakable. A full meter spent for that little damage needs to come with perks like that.