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To be honest I’d think we need balance. It’s about time we just had a kick spy who using some tech like orchid rather than another giant, alien, beast or mutant.

Look at all the things suggested? Magic monster monster magic… yeah that’s cool… but so is the normal stuff too.

I know KI is known for its mixture of creatures but for me big aliens have so far dominated season 3. Arbiter gargos and ramm are so different but they strike a simular note for me.

Big bad ugly alien ish.

I’d rather go back to a feminine spy with some guile. Let’s go back to season 1 combat without all the quirks and thrills an updated cool easy to use fighter.

Does everything have to be so different?

Maybe ultimates aren’t as important as you thought they were :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I don’t need another way to delay a match. I rarely see Shadow Jago’s ultimate anymore anyway. Waste of time.


I’d really like to see the concept art to each of the new ideas for characters that would give me a better way to vote. Also I would really would like to see more colors and costumes for our bonus characters.

Most fun each season:
S1: Glacius
S2: Kan Ra
S3: Mira

Aww, Sadira’s on the low end? I almost picked her. I think she’s a lot of fun!

-Ben Farris (woo yes please!!!)

-Shadow Orchid (give Gargos another teammate), though personally, I’d prefer Shadow Wulf

-Kelvin… I love the idea but… Just throwing this out there, any chance they could call him Meltdown? I know it’s one of Cinder’s original names, but it’s a nod to old KI (a little inside baseball), and also a way cooler name (that could still pertain to a cold character) than Kelvin, unless you really love Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. :slight_smile:

I know it’s for the temperature scale, but still seems like an odd name choice. No offense intended!

Oh and man… That shark idea… I’d have to see IGs idea for it. If they can make a darker Rikuo (Darkstalkers) or Trident (Eternal Champions), sure. But that man shark picture in the other thread did not appeal to me at all, and that’s as diplomatic as I can be about it. Really don’t get the love for this idea but if you enjoy it, hey, more power to ya! :slight_smile:

All new characters:

Magical Archer
Also wouldn’t mind Joanna Dark, though I didn’t pick her. Honestly, if this were a large part of season 4, I’d sign up for that in a heartbeat!

Still hoping for the old sage from KI Gold practice mode to be playable, maybe with drunken Kung Fu and another style that totally changes his move set, he could be a wise guide type for the good guys.

Though if I’m being honest, of the ones I picked, Eyedol would be at the bottom of that list for me. I want him for other people who miss him more than I want hi for myself.

I want to see more:

Taunts (respect taunt plz)

i only care for more characters really…

I voted: Eyedol, Djinn, Lovecraftian and Wendigo… more monsters/character types not in the SF, MK, Tekken games (which, to be fair, have some VERY boring character types)




You’re outta date; she’s already been outvoted by a large margin.

I like humor and all, but I really don’t think messing with quotes is the right way to go about it.

I’d much rather have costumes/accessories/colors so sorry

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I’m with you here ultimate ALL the way!! Keep sharing people let’s see who take bronze silver and gold

Shark Man TJ might be the best idea.

Except that Lovecraftian is objectively the best idea.

Man, eldritch abomination is the best trope.

Get a bunch of old Nintendo nostalgics in the same room and you’ll probably get a bunch who remember the pre-COD age when Perfect Dark was one of the most revered shooters around.


I’m still honestly dismayed by the course of history which gave us the lasting shooter properties we have now, yet relegated PD to the past.

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STREET SHARKS!!! I use to watch that when i was a kid :smiley:

Im definitely down for more finishers. Ultimates seem like they wouldnt be as fun as No Mercies tho since you essentially have to green bar the opponent which doesnt really happen very often. Also all about some more aesthetics like costumes/accessories. I dont know how theyd incorporate them since you unlock everything by leveling and you max out at 50. Unless they extend the level system or just make the stuff only available via ki gold.

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Why not have TJ in a T-Rex costume?

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Whenever I hear of the roots of the FPS genre, Perfect Dark doesn’t seem like the first thing that comes up. But hey what do I know.

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Hm, if you think of the “roots” of the FPS genre as being “anything predating Halo”, then that’s a pretty huge era.

Regardless, the name you’re really looking for is Goldeneye. Perfect Dark is basically Goldeneye, albeit with Rare world-building.

I happily rawr onto the fight stage to deliver epic face punches and shoot tosses as this.


Those arms are too short to box with Gargos! Lmao!

Next guest character SAURON! from Primal Rage! awwww yeahhhh


I want Skorge to come in because my girlfriend loves him, and wanted him over RAAM. I’m glad RAAM is in, but I want her to get the guest she wanted even though I hate Skorge so much.